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02 January 2014



I applaud and celebrate you and your life... I've got a decade on you and I feel the same way, which is probably why my daughter (Amber)forwarded your article to me. I graduated high school in the infamous year of 1969 - and have never been happier, healthier, wiser or in better shape (well, maybe that's stretching it just a bit - but who cares!)than I am right now. ROCK ON!

chelsea g. summers

I love Amber. She is a force of will, nature and good in this world. Excellent work on raising her.

And congrats on the happy, healthy, wise and rocking.


Lovely, thoughtful and frank. Every night at 4 am, I wake up and think of mortality for a few moments, and peacefully go back to sleep. One of these days, I won't... You've captured that feeling I have in this piece.

Thanks and enjoy 2014, Chelsea,


Mortality is what gives our lives meaning - embracing it, loving it, and not hiding from it, is the way to live it. Cheers to your celebration.

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