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04 December 2013



It's like Christmas getting a fresh, beautifully written, juicy post from you after all these days. Enjoy your new unmentionables, may they bring fun to you.

chelsea g. summers

Thanks so much. It's intensely gratifying to know that people still like my writing after all these solipsistic years.


Oh, I adore this. For me, I'd be hard pressed to name something as immediately transformative as fresh hair and/or magical unmentionables.

This has also reminded me that I desperately need to get re-fit for new bras. Lovely writing and a public service. Bravo.


This is why I've stayed subscribed - you and your beautiful words. It's rich prose, your style, curvy and prickly and I love it.

chelsea g. summers

Thank you. It's the prickly bits I'm proudest of.

Karl Elvis

Magic indeed.

Lacy unmentionables are my favorite things to destroy.

chelsea g. summers

Best replace them then. Ounce per pounce, they are more expensive than printer ink.

Mr. Will

As a man, this post still meant something to me, because I get it.

Not just the lingerie, but the finding something to feel good in times of pain or loss.

Great post, now I'm on to the next one :-)

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