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23 January 2013


Josh Zytkiewicz

I love that last paragraph.


I heard it said, not to long ago, that if men could get pregnant there would be as many abortion clinics as there are Starbucks.

I'm a man and I believe it.

1st Republic 14th Star

What a great piece of writing. I'm glad to see something new posted on this site.

To me the abortion "issue" is a non-issue.

Two of the most basic personal freedoms are the right to decide with whom you will have sex, and whether and when to become pregnant.

I completely understand why abortion opponents think abortions should not take place -- honestly, I think that no really advocates women having abortions.

But life is not the Get Rid Of Slimy girlS (G.R.O.S.S) Club. (Thanks Calvin and Hobbes.) As I heard Mel Brooks say in the 2,000 Year Old Man "There's ladies here."

Abortions have happened for thousands of years at least, and they're not going away as long as women are able to become pregnant.

And as long as someone has to decide whether a pregnant woman should see a pregnancy through to term, that decision has to rest with the pregnant woman herself.

To take away the rights to determine sexual partners and decide how to handle pregnancy would mean that individuals, particularly female individuals, are not really free.

Karl Elvis

Certain things about my culture still vaguely shock me, despite having lived here for 51 years. One is that people actually, willfully believe things that can't be true (religion, the supernatural, etc); one is that people feel they have a right to legislate what one does with one's own body.

The notion that laws should apply to the inside of a woman's body is so alien and unlikely, it simply won't sit in my head as truth; I have to be reminded, now and again, that we're not really very far from the age of slavery and the witch hunt.

Thx for being one of those voices, CG. The fight needs to be fault all the time, not just when some strong voice reminds us.

chelsea g. summers

It delights me no end that all of you supportive commenters are men. I <3 each and every one of you and your XY chromosomes.


There's a proverb.
With shame you'll starve to death!

Prince of Darfur

I miss you. Get of the twitter and write some more of these thoughtful essays. And I'm with you all the way on the subject of safe, legal abortions.


Haha i love the metaphore chelsea used ! :))


Wow, your writing makes me tingle.

Speaking of shame, after reading this I’m feeling it. As a card/penis-carrying member of the “other”, what is wrong with us that we allow such suffering all because plastic coated sex is only 95% as good as bare. No argument that barebacked is better then “wearing your rubbers” but it’s also really fucking great. Paraphrasing somebody; with your cock inside a willing woman, everything, your failures, your faults, the time you lost the fight, embarrassing moments that still cause cringing decades latter, it all falls away. All is forgiven.

Glad to note that your current definition of a “moral manwhore” includes male condom hygiene (both physical & moral). Early in life I sinned on this front. In hindsight I see that I started to behave correctly when I actually meant it when I said, “I love you”. Guess I’m not a manwhore, moral? Unknown.

Please forgive my illiteracy


As a volunteer abortion fundraiser, I only have one issue with this brilliantly written essay. Why even say "but six of them were with boyfriends"? It doesn't matter! Regardless, I hope your boyfriends were supportive and respectful in the way you needed at the time, if you needed it at all.

I also hope, you someday, write something about the 8! Because if I've learned anything funding hundreds of abortions, they're like snowflakes. Each one is unique.


Victoria Cristobal

That last paragraph is epic. Love it! :)

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