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15 August 2011


Daryl Hunt

Thank you for writing about it. I hope the powers that be get to read and act on it. Also the issue of your stalkers made me sad. The irony is I found your blog due to the article. I really enjoy your writing.

chelsea g. summers

Thanks so much, Daryl. I'm so glad that you're enjoying my writing. It means a lot for you to take the time to tell me.

chelsea g.

Dangerous Lilly

I'll be honest, I'd only ever read the occasional post of yours over my blogging time but always enjoyed what I read. I am so sorry, belatedly, to learn what these people have done to you.

For while I had a small group of stalkers writing quite mean things about me on their blog; the main perp didn't bother covering up his real name very well and I soon knew where he lived and who he was. It didn't help me any. His site hosts didn't even care about following DMCA.

As I slowly do things that could let someone who knows offline me connect to blog me, I continue to live in some fear but it's reckless fear. Until it bites me in the ass, I'm sure.

When I closed out my G+ account because they refused to let me stay with my pen name, I filled out their "Tell us why you're leaving!" form with vigor and fury and linked them to the My Name is Me site. I only hope that someone with a brain there reads it and tries to make changes.


I guess the old saying " sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me" applies here. Good for you in continuing on when the jerks who were stalking you tried to put you down.


I've loved reading your blog over the years. Your courage, honesty, intelligence, and hard work are a huge inspiration.

Your post made me think of this, which you might like:



I saw your post on My Name Is Me, and wanted to come by to say thanks. Thanks for speaking up, for your courage and most of all, for your writing.

I've read you for years, and continue to pop by on occasion; it's always a delight when I find something new here.

chelsea g. summers

Aw, thanks you all, so very much. I'm glad that I made you proud.

chelsea g.


We've been readers for years, and we've learned a lot -- your columns are not just great writing, they are vivid "how-to" instructions about sex, passion, and love. My Name Is Me is profound. But what we are really grateful for is to finally see what you look like! Thanks for this, for your courage, and your comforting presence.

Kiro Pora

I am delighted that there is so brave women.Cheers


I'm happy to post just about anything online, but am always mindful of the electronic footprint and that little snipets of info can be collected over time. If someone has nothing better to do than stalk me, they're only going to find out as much as I'm prepared to put out there. It's pleasing to see you have not let the stalkers win and that you're still blogging.

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