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07 March 2011



I read that post about scent when it was first published. I loved the descriptions and I it made me think about all the times I have been caught with my nose burrowed into his armpit trying to get a whiff of his heaven scent.

I shall be sure to check out the other posts and you have inspired me to try to write one of my own too.


chelsea g. summers

Oh, thanks so much. Yeah, this piece has been up for about a month, but given the hullabaloo swirling around my move to Italy, I only had a chance to post it now. Grazie for your continued enthusiastic support.

chelsea g.


"I wish I had scratch-and-sniff remembrances for all my favorite lovers."

Me too.


Also, you may want to fix "Alan Ginsburg."


Scent! Oh it's sooooo underrated! Why do other women call it "stink"? Why are my fellow sisters averse to getting in touch with their inner animals? It's not as if we don't believe in the power of it. Spending as much as we do on perfumes, lotions & body washes we could (and, I think, should) be the first ones into the fray when our significant other is aromatic. Yes, I understand the funk factor. (we also mass produce if left to our natural devices) But for the pleasantly pungent representations I think she should cast off societal expectation & allow ourselves the delicious and delightful indulgences of our senses in our partners.
After all, who else would we prefer to share such things with?

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