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06 March 2011


Sweat Shop Sissy

Is hiding the helpful vocal recording being 'Witty, Pragmatic, or Oblivious'...perhaps ironic?
And when we do find it, hidden in the middle of the post about that stripper from your past who looked much like Karima El Mahroug, will your accent be so strong that we won't even be able to understand you?
Be well.

chelsea g. summers

It's there. I had published and then later added the vocal recording, so you read it in that slip of time between first publication and second.

chelsea g.


The closing between 1-3 is also in the Spanish culture thus your reference makes me wonder where it started? In small French villages especially closer to Italy you will find it lurking here and there. Be patient CG I suspect one morning you will awake and notice you are settling in a bit then poof you will be leaving and it will be "But I just found the dish soap!".


In my experience of cashiers I have learned that telling them you are learning their language yields better results than telling them you are bad at it.

Of course, I never identified myself as American either, something I learned the hard way during the Bush years. This may be different now - fewer people with a bone to pick, perhaps.

Lovely post.


A nice post, as it fills in information and feeling that 140 character tweets can not. I wish you a great lover, cheeseburgers, and US coins.

chelsea g. summers

Honey, Good point. I'll amend my standard apology.

Thanks, Pete. I think the lover is at the top of the list, however unbelievably given my need for a cheeseburger.

chelsea g.

Sarcastic Bastard

This is brilliant.
If the cashiers at the supermercato hate me (and they do; they reject my carefully phrased apology of “Mi dispiace. Sono americana e il mio italiano è terribile”; they roll their eyes and flare their nostrils with such vehemence that I can hear it; it sounds like pigeons landing),

I like you. So fuck them.

Thanks for sharing your journey.


Your writing is beautiful, even if, for the moment, it's packaged in an impractical language. I have every confidence in you, that, as intelligent as you are you will persevere, trudge up the learning curve, and in doing so, add another skill to your list. Hang in there-- even time lords have off days.

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