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30 January 2011



I wish you a great love/lover and keep writing. Your writing not only makes you happy, it makes the readers happy to read.

Hannah Miet

I am sending all energy in the universe out there for you to get laid.

And while I know you're not a fan of hers, please read Anais Nin's intro to Little Birds when you get a chance, (if you don't have it, I'll type it up when I get a chance) re: sex writers not having sex, where that writing comes from.

chelsea g. summers

I actually do own Little Birds, and at your sterling recommendation, Hannah, I'll endeavor to put aside my disinclination to Nin and take a read.

As ever, Pete, I am your humble servant.

chelsea g.


Ah, but when I am on unwanted sex diet, and then I have bad sex, it just leaves me more frustrated than I was before it, the same with some self lovin'
I need something more, something above good.

Sarcastic Bastard

I wish you luck and love and words. Lots of great words.


Kenny Alexander

You are an amazing writer....

I wonder if like a blind man whose hearing grows more acute due to his disability, your lack of sex is enhancing your ability to write about it. Descriptions of food from a starving man....water in a desert never tasted so sweet.

I hope you find love...I hope you find sex.

Lady Dragonfly

I am just now reading this, and it is perfect. Perfect.


I love this. Your cut-and-paste use of cliches made me laugh . . . ahem, out loud.

Audrey Tournier

Ooooh Chelsea, you might be love-less at the moment, but hell your writing remained so vivid and brilliant. It is the first time I am able to connect from the Kingdom-of-Oppression (aka China), and fill myself with your delightful words again, as an old thirsty man in the desert, deprived of water and meaningful words for too long, I realize how much I've missed your words, how much they inspired me and my writing. I might not bring a love here, but I do bring love anyway, and positivism, and enthusiasm, and good energy.
And I am thrilled to read you will be moving to Europe (Italy it seems?)
I am absolutely convinced that you will find new waves of inspirations over there, or at least, that is my deepest wish for you.

An all-time-dedicated reader
Not so active on your blog
But full of admiration.



The changes in the first paragraph between the audio and the written were interesting, intellectually, but I was glad they melted away as it went on and let me sink into listening, floating on the words even as I read them.

Fantastic piece.

The Broken Art

A lady friend recommended I listen/read this because she said it reminded her of ME.. I smiled when I realized what she meant. It is beautifully balanced by both whispering dreams and biting reality... Love it and the soul from whence it came. Thanks and keep doing stuff! LOL Best wishes for safe and loving travels.

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