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15 December 2010




Another fun read! Whatever the name, I enjoy reading your prose. I believe that it would be antithetical to change names at this point in the game as most of us who read your musings know you as CG.

The picture is great and a more radiant one than the one you have in about.


Hannah Miet

Holy levitating boobs indeed.

World wonders.

The driver's license photos: love them.


I bought the calendar and loved the pic CG, now I don't want time to fly but December will have a special look in 2011. I think you look good in front of the lens. You've enlightened my day with both your prose and you pixels.


That calendar photo is absoloutly beutiful! :)


"I snost; I lost."

I am thrilled to find someone else who says that.


I have shamefully neglected to comment on how gorgeous you look in Illustration #1. Also, I love the wings.

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