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05 July 2010



They were the wrong guys.

chelsea g.

Yeah, they were.

Tech Guy

I haven't checked in in ages and your latest is still good.


Do keep it up.

Rachel Lewis

I am so glad you are writing more! I was forever sad staring at the dockers picture... although I completely agree with the packaging of something tipping the balance between fucking someone or not. While mine wasn't intriguing tight purple low rise bikini underwear, I couldn't help but be undone by an ass perfectly presented in tight simple black boxer briefs upon my first encounter. Regarding praise, as you deserve some, and by some I mean copious, heaping amounts, your writing inspires intelligent well prosed dirty thoughts. You are elegant, shocking, and purely delightful to read. On behalf of all the well educated, charm school graduates, I say thank you for using your brain to write about sexual experience and give voice to a generation of women.

chelsea g. summers

Well, gosh, thank you, Tech Guy and Rachel. I appreciate your writing and giving praise. I'm a writer--and a person--who needs feedback, or I'm lost in the dark woods of my own mind. Your taking the time to tell me your reactions is incredibly lovely.

chelsea g.


love this one!


God, I love this. There is nothing like what you write anywhere else. Reading what you write is one of my life's pleasures. It's exquisite.


I loved and lived your post. While I have not taken the plunge of piercing as of yet, I have one of those coy, illusive clitoris' as well. While the fun is in the journey, and having a partner excited and willing to do the work to get you there is incredibly rewarding, sexy, and all around awesome, I yearn for a shortcut. You know, to make the quickie all the more rewarding, to have my man feel like the sex god he rightfully is, and who doesn't need a few more orgasms in their life anyway. Perhaps the brass ring is *just* out of reach, but the gold ring will do the trick.

In any case, those men folk are generally intimidated by a women folk's overt sexuality, as I'm sure you know. It is just their way. The same men are reticent to include sex toys in their love making (or fucking) for the same reasons. "Am I not enough?" Yes, honey, you are enough, I'm with the man not the organ, but wouldn't you like the option to crank it to eleven sometimes?

I've never commented before, but I love your writing, your style, and your balls deep unapologetic honesty on the barest of issues. So please do write more. Ive followed you since near the beginning and have read each and everyone of your posts. I dig it.


Gosh, your story made me miss my clit ring!

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