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10 May 2010



You always manage to be be articulate in the basest way; I miss reading you.


I'm so glad you've decided to start posting here regularly, and I'm so glad that you've shared this with us. I know exactly what you mean. The "grey area" that you speak of I know very well. I have missed your words.

chelsea g. summers

Hey, men, thanks so much. I really appreciate your praise on something that was so soundly thrashed by the powers-that-were.

I'm going to try to write more, I promise. There's been, well, there's been a lot of work and a dearth of sex or--for that matter--thought. Time to think, it turns out, is vital.

chelsea g.


Thank you for posting this. Reading your writing is one of my very favorite treats. It's so rich and so good, I get goosebumps.


you have so much to share

chelsea g. summers

Thanks, Mike.

As for what I'm reading right now: Warren Ellis's novel Crooked Little Vein; Allison Weir's Elizabeth the Queen; and Martin Amis's The Pregnant Widow. Also about three graphic novels in various states of undress.

What are you reading?


Don't let it get your down. Some of literary history's greatest works were similarly trashed upon initial reception.

Mike Philippe

Hey Chels,

I am reading:
March/April 2010 issue of Scientific American Mind
May 2010 issue of American Rifleman
April 2010 issue of Smart Money
May 2010 issue of Hustler

I juggle magazines, but don't fear, one of these days I will read that one book you mentioned last year: Nabokov's Lolita. I think last year when I was on a mission to read that book I saw three different ones that said Lolita.

Happy reading,


This is fucking awesome and is their loss.


I would call it rape. Sounds like you experienced it that way. You don't have to say "No," but you do have to feel " Yes."


My salty gain indeed. You inspire and evoke, and you should know not many people can do this. I wonder if you ready non-fiction and in what proportion compared to the fiction you read.



thanks for this one cg. similarities abound, but I've never visited the place where my Too Far lurks.


That was palpable. You nailed it--the place where it is not an enthusiastic yes yet neither is it a resounding refusal.

I loved this piece. It makes m thinks of the blurred edges, slipping boundaries and compromises we make with each other.

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