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09 March 2010



A very interesting piece. As a man, I can agree that women have infinitely more choices in adorning their bodies. As you point out, males have been socialized to be relatively bland in their appearance. I can only guess that this is so that we do not out shine our woman.

Lady Dragonfly

You know, I think this is why I think cuff links are so hot. I see a man's wrist adorned with a creative piece of specifically male jewelry, and I think there has got to be more there...


I love wearing cufflinks. I have a pair that my lover purchased for me for christmas. Burnished steel, they are the insides of lady's watches with rubies inlaid. Elegant yet masculine, I like the exposed gears and cogs on them. In my mind I imagine they say that I am a man of methodical patience and discipline yet underneath that clockwork veil is a fiery passion, red like rubies.

I love how style can imply so much, I miss the days of men's fashion from the '20s, I'd love to see that come back.


I never thought about it, but you are right. It is much easier to be undressed and hot as a woman (perhaps this comes from the fact that men will generally fuck anything with legs and women are a bit more selective). Power to us.

Little Panda

The mushroomy scent of cocks?


And now I must read DH Lawrence. :)


I wrote you a personal email to tell you that I adore your writing. I think putting it out there publicly is also important.
I follow your blog. It's one of the few I really enjoy and will think back to. More is more. So write more!


o'kay Sean Jean might have something to say about men's fashion, but I love guys wearing stuff showing off their bodies instead of exagerating themselves. Something covering & exposing a guy's body is, I know, like seeing a bit of ankle in the 19th century, but I like subtelty. A big, black opened wool coat showing off a tight jean jacket underneath (open optional) or a buffolo-plaid jacket with a hoddie underneath usually gets my blush. Guys have to have straight pants 'cuz that's the way they're made. They have no hips & that makes them a straight-cut pants wearing guy, but more colour variety might be nice... .


I love this discussion - wonderful piece on Ornament.

I can't help but think that there is something very compelling to contrast - and that contrasts of cultural meaning and/or of the clothing structure to the form it adorns. Mr Newton explores this a lot in his images, of course (links for gazing pleasure): http://thephotobook.wordpress.com/2009/04/30/the-best-of-helmut-newton/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Le_Smoking
Thinking back to Frank-n-furter or Victor/Victoria, there is something titillating about the contrast, aesthetically, between the Mr Curry's muscles and fishnets or Ms. Andrews' lithe bone structure and her sharply formal suit. Dandies were exactly that contrast...only rarely seen these days, alas.

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