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02 October 2009


Secret Keeper

Yay! Great article. I was just having a conversation about secrets with a friend that was along these same lines! I've been missing your regular posts... tweets just aren't the same.


I love the ending... my imagination started going right away. Thank you for writing again.

minstrel hussain boy

bravo! Bravissimo!

secrets are sexy. indeed they are. your penchant for spilling them is one of the things that makes you such a good writer...and you even felt compelled to spill that one...



This is a truly wonderful essay. It made me think about the times I have given euphoria to women and the times it has been granted to me. There are moments in time that I recall now from decades ago. Can this be possible? I am in my 60's now and the days of hotel sex with a new lover or forbidden groping in a car are long gone. But the gifts are still there.

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