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30 July 2009


Karl Elvis

I shouldn't be reading this when I'm as horny as I am this week. Now my head is filled with images of fucking and being fucked.

I better not get up from my desk for a little while.

Elegant Slut

Yeah... that pretty much sums up buttfuckery.

I liked it. (The piece, my views on anal sex are for me to write in *my* space :-)) It's a shame they didn't pay you, but i'm quite grateful for my "chewy gain". Thanks for sharing.


Ii think u nailed it (n only the sweetest of ways)


As a fellow person who doth think too much herself, I particularly liked the paragraph about how anal is the only thing that quiets the mind gives release to the body. Nicely done piece.

Jack Blank

I wish you'd post more often :(

Jack Blank

Also, your tip jar isn't working.


I have been away for awhile and am happy I returned to this wonderful piece.


I miss being with my ex now so much! We did anal and I enjoyed it despite (or also because of) the pain, like you said. But I dont think I get to reach an orgasm that way. We were in the middle of experimenting and getting there, and have better and better sex. One of the things I miss him for :(

Question: you said its been two years since you had anal, (because of the trust and stuff I assume you havent been in another relationship) and I was wondering if it is hard to find someone to trust and have amazing sex with? Is that trust, that being confortable with something during sex, something I should appreaciate and value more? cause if it is, then probly I would think twice about leaving or being with someone in a relationship.


I have only recently begun my adventure with anal sex. There is something about it that I've never been able to explain. The way you can't think of anything else, and how every movement seems monumental. How primal it is ... and how close I feel to my husband after.
Thanks for putting the experience into words for me. Planning on getting my ass fucked tonight. ;)


Mmmmm...exactly, utterly what I longed for.
All these delicious feeling wraped up in the tortilla!
To my deepest dismay...he abused the trust.
How I wish it could have been different,
trust gone forever...
Thou I did enjoy your writing...CJ


Dear Chealsea,
I was looking forward to reading this article at Peet's Coffee when I was faced with a rather rude interruption. Peet's firewall blocked your blog - stating that this is a sex site, sorry fucker, we won't allow you to read about fucking.

This is rather alarming to me. I was on a private laptop, and as far as I remember, was not asking the decent looking guy sitting next to me to pull his cock out for the children to see. This kind of unnecessary censorship in the name of the children pisses me off.

So, I wrote an email to their corporate headquarters, and now I will have to stop visiting Peet's.

And by the way, your lucidity in your writing is what I enjoy most. I have been combing your archives and have been inspired to write openly about my own anal antics, and... stuff.


oatmeal girl

How could they possibly reject a piece that manages to so subtly insert a sliver of Shakespeare into such a delicious evocation of anal sex?

The richness of the writing beautifully reflects the intensity of the act itself. Thank you for giving us this deep, dark delight.

Glass Dildo

This was a really good article, I dont see why it was rejected. Although I am grateful we got to read it here. Thanks


Wow, I have only just found you and now fear too much of my time will be spent sifting through your archives. Thank you for writing so candidly about these topics. Women who speak, write, or think in such a manner are often disregarded or belittled by the mainstream and it tickles me to find a kindred spirit such as yourself.

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