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30 March 2009



I appreciate your honesty. I completely agree that being honest with friends make the relationship so much better. I have many friends with a variety of viewpoints with conservative and liberal backgrounds. Sometimes it is hard to mix but keeping an open mind with others goes a long way!


This post is especially truthful and poignant to me right now. My best friend died last week, and he died never understanding how I could have friends or boyfriends who were Republicans. I tried to explain it to him, exactly what you just set forth here, but there was nothing to convince him. I wish he'd learned this before he died.


What sweet gifts you had for each other. I've learned lots from my conservative friends and acquaintances. Mostly about how I was as judgmental about them (but surely didn't call it that) as I thought they would be about me.

Frank Montana

I am an upper level executive who spends his days around others who are similarly bound by keeping your private life to yourself. We're all married, maybe 2nd timers, but with kids in varying levels of education. Several of my best friends outside of this world are those that run in completely different circles: young thirty year olds to late fifty years olds still chasing dreams in music or sports. Musician who make less in a year then I make in month. Single people who think have "best night of sex ever" every five months or so. It's what makes life interesting. I am not agree with their lifestyle--but it's what makes it me life fun.


You have such a knack for story telling, and articulating things I find so difficult. I was lucky to be raised by a father who sounds much like Elizabeth, (though was probably much more like you in his youth), and while he is adamant homosexuality is a mental disorder, doesn't even bat an eye at my growing circle of gay friends, or at his own friends coming out. He is staunchly pro-life, yet he was the first person I told, and asked his "blessing" (in other words: not hating me and cutting me off from the family), when I chose to terminate a very unplanned pregnancy, and of course, he understood. Bill O'Reilly and other very vocal conservative assholes give the compassionate, loving, and christian (little "c"), right-ish people out there a bad name.


Nothingis better than having a friend that understands and accepts you, as you are. That is what a heathen like me calls a blessing.

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