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18 January 2009



Sounds like a very sane decision to me - even if the money would be nice, you don't need that kind of insanity in your life or your bedroom. No matter how much you like him. Self-preservation is definitely a good thing, methinks...

Jack B

I agree that it was a good decision. If I recall your previous posts correctly, this man seems to enjoy getting women to trust him and then hurts them in ways that are completely legal. He sounds twisted.


Ethics are like those red velvet ropes; most people don't cross them but very few ask as to why are those barricades there to begin with!

At the airport, Aloha airline needs those velvet ropes so everybody can check-in without stepping on each other's toes; but at 8.39 pm, with nobody else around, do those ropes really make sense?

Unethical thing to do here would have been to promise to hang out with Mr. Vampire but then start scheming so that he divorces his wife and may be dangle a big rock in front of you. Unethical thing would have been to secretly tape the rituals of "hanging out" and then blackmail him. I don't think you had any such kniving plots in mind!

Financial issues corrode the soul. To avoid having that brown stain, you are willing to hang out 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, with a roommate that you will undoubtedly hate, but not be intimate with somebody who admires you?

Of course things are more complicated than that; they always are; we enjoy reading your musings precisely because you have charming internal constraints and a beautiful way to expose and nudge them.

We missed you CG; hope you will continue to write here sporadically.



As usual, a well written scholarly piece that conveys your position and dilemmas in mind pictures and goes through to show that your ethos are upheld.

Your writing is a pleasure to read and one that evokes familiarity even if we do not know you in the corporeal sense.

Keep writing, please!


Karl Elvis

God, I want you.

I just needed to say that.


I've dreamed of having a "mistress" CG. Not that I can afford one, not that I can see how men who are married or involved with someone else can juggle both of them, visions of small curved bottoms being juggled around and around, the juggler's eyes focused on each as they pass overhead.

My sense is once the financial issues were calmed, your focus would then have been on ...a cutter guy, someone who wasn't pulling strings, etc. What would it have done to your creative writing I wonder? Would it have been fuel for the future or an dark cloud over you?

Good to hear from you.


I have been reading your blog (linked from Tara's [hobostripper]) for some time now, and I am completely awestruck. I love the word 'horrorsloth,' too, by the way.

1st Republic 14th Star

1 -- You did the right thing.

2 -- This is a very good piece of work. Please keep writing.

3 -- I urge everyone who sees this to do what I'm about to do -- put a little something in the tip jar.

1st Republic 14th Star

Hey, what's the deal? Does this tip jar button not work any more? How do we make donations, then?

chelsea g

Oh, gosh. Thanks, Mr. Vermonter. No, the tip jar doesn't work. Amazon stopped their service, and I've not yet replaced it with another one. If you're gunning to give me money and have a PayPal account, you can PayPal (the verb) money to me with my email address, chelseagsummers@gmail.com.

Thank you so much for all of your support. It really means an awful lot.

chelsea g.

1st Republic 14th Star

Well, then. Everyone follow my lead and PayPal a little something our favorite writer's way.

I wonder what the conjugation on our new verb would look like -- PayPal, PayPaled, PayPalling?

chelsea g

Thank you so very much. I really appreciate your kindness.

in serious gratitude,
chelsea g.

1st Republic 14th Star

Oh wait -- if Sarah Palin gets ahold of it, the expression will be "PayPalling around with terrorists."

Reverse Mail Order Bride

I dropped by on the off chance there were some news of you and am *very* happy to find you writing again. I'm one of your (mostly) silent readers but in the past your writing has both lightened my mood, inspired me, aroused me and made me want to come over there and beat some sense into Donny's thick skull. I hope that this year will see the solution of your financial problems and bring you inspiration and happiness. :)*


Thank you for writing this. I've seen those grey areas from a few perspectives and they haunt me.


Love you.



Hi Chelsea,

I found your blog through a fellow blogger and friend, Alana. I am happy I came to visit. You are a truly gifted writer.

Thanks! Trinity


wouldn't it be sweet and sensible if everyone here would pay Chelsea regularly? isn't this simply a way to encourage and support (and pay for what we are receiving- the best art/writing around)?

off to drop 100 in the 'tip jar'


Yes, welcome back CG - even if it is just intermittently. I'm going to paypal a little bit over, too, and I'd gladly paypal a little bit each month just to read your writing on a regular basis! I can't believe how much I've missed you!

Hmmm. I think you did the right thing. But there's also a part of me that likes dangerous games, and another Robin-Hoodish part of me that believes it is entirely just for the less wealthy and more deserving to, um, "extract" financial support from the ridiculously wealthy (and usually less deserving).

I think your brush off is going to make him pursue you even more ardently, should you change your mind. But be careful!

And didn't you support C. for quite awhile? I know that it was a completely different situation--he was your live-in boyfriend--but still, I sense the triad is lurking there somewhere, deeply embedded in heterosexuality itself: money, power, sex. Do you think it's a fair comparison?

Okay, I confess: I am a secret Dr. Laura listener (not supporter, just listener!). Yesterday she was going on about how doctors who were supported by their wives through med school and then dumped them upon graduation were doing so because they had unwittingly sacrificed their sense of masculinity by being supported by their wives.

Which I think is a whole load of bullshit, basically, it's just another stupid ancient gender-based emotional remnant that most men should be able to get over if they just thought about it logically for a couple minutes.

But I'm just a commie feminist, so what do I know?? :-)



I wonder if the real issue is that the Vampire is insane rather than the morality of sex for money, either as a mistress or as a whore. Had Vampire been somewhat sane, or whatever passes for that these days, I wonder what could have been the alternate outcome of the story.



I've certainly considered that concept too--the reckoning that it was The Vampire's insanity and not my morals that led me to say no. But I've also considered the whole of the situation. Were he just as rich, but still married, and I still poor, but still the same person, I would still decline. I don't want to be supported by someone who isn't doing it to better able us to make a life together. To put it succinctly, I'd be supported, but I won't be kept.

chelsea g.


I love your writing. And it seems to me that turning down something tempting is incredibly mature-- in a mental sense, that is. I've seen you at an In the Flesh reading, and you're most certainly still hot.

Innocent Loveboy

46 isn't bad really. I hear a lady's sexual peak happens between the ages of 30 and 50.

minstrel hussain boy

ahh, you understand perfectly the trap of "kept." were it to be more transactional, say pay to play or fee for service, it would give you far more power.

by holding the financial strings the vampire would gain power and control. if he's a true sociopath, that would be a bigger turn on than any sex. sometimes i think that this plays a part in some of the weirder kinks.

good on ya. good call.

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