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14 May 2008


The Fury

You're a pillar of sexy strength. Congratulations on overcoming and publishing. I'm so excited for you and proud of your overcoming that time.

Mrs. Hall



That's it. You ARE strong. Probably always have been (I wouldn't know, having just stumbled onto your blog a month ago or so), and ultimately you are the master of your own fate. You're on the cusp of something extraordinary -- of being published. For a writer, that's akin to a runner (like me) running a first marathon. Or an actor getting their first big break on Broadway. Judging from the great tapestry of thought you've shared with us on this blog (greatness born from spite? I sense a phoenix metaphor coming on...), you've had the talent to write and were simply waiting for the opportunity.

Walking away from academia has probably deprived that fear of discovery of much of its hold. Although I'd wager that when your students discovered your PDT, you actually grew in stature with them -- "what? The prof has an oral fixation?? Right on!!" The fact that you can unabashedly put thought to blog and explore these parts of yourself is kind of inspirational, and if you're a fan of teaching by example then I will hope that your students will absorb some of your boldness and be daring in their own writing.

In short... yay, you!


I'm with JJ -- whether one is a student of yours or not, reading your blog has only generated respect and admiration for your command of the langwich. And what more proof is needed of your validity as an instructor than excellent, entertaining writing, no matter what the topic?

Granted, I can't help but hum Van Halen's "Hot for Teacher" on occasion...

Karl Elvis

Like clowns, fear is a funny thing.

The thing I love about your writing - well, one thing - is that you can start a piece with this odd and unlikely statement and have it work.

It shouldn't work; somehow it does. Though I now am vaguely tempted to google 'clown porn' for some reason.

chelsea g

Even better, google "clown bukkake." Nothing says "lovin'" like hott, hott clown-on-clown action.

chelsea g.


And sudden visions of Bozo and Krusty go dancing through my head... bleahhhhh...



You story personifies the snippet from FDR's 1933 inaugural address.

"So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance."

You have conquered fear and are now advancing.
Hooray for you!

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