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13 April 2008



"People freak me the fuck out. I’ve never felt comfortable being looked at, and I have always been." Seems an odd thing for one who was in one your previous professions. I can empathize, however since even though I get my batteries charged being around people, I prefer to "fly under the radar." On another note, your writing is almost always a fun read.

Mrs. Hall

I share your sense of unease. But, I have gone through a lot of healing lately.

Seriously, I use to just think that I just didn’t like people. Which is odd considering I have devoted my life to helping people. Actually, I work with (and prescribe medications for) patients with mental illness. And you are very right, we are all crazy underneath.

But, the healing part. The unease of being looked at. I recently lost around 35 pounds (all through weight watchers and yoga) and people see me and comment. And those who are close feel the need to touch and tug. It is like being pregnant all over again.

And I am learning how to heal my body so that it doesn't feel every look, every comment, every tug is predatory. I am learning how to DISCERN. How to accept the love from those that love me.

It is still a daily battle. But one that is getting much easier. I am very glad your inner hiding gets all blazeningly open in this blog. I very much appreciate all the nakedness indeed.


Mrs. Hall

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