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04 January 2008



Happy New Year.
I too have given pity fucks, and afterward, I felt less satisfaction than if I had masturbated. I can understand your feelings on this subject, even though from the male's point of view.


Happy New Year CG! This was the first really good sex laugh of the year: "He waved his hand dismissively in the general direction of my loins." Yes, I've seen it done before! Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

Digger Jones

It took me awhile to orient myself toward the pity fuck mentality, as you describe it here. In a week or so I'll be trackbacking you to extend this post only I'll be talking about the ubiquitous "Mercy Fuck" which has a lot less mercy and pity than anything you did here. Even though there were elements of sadism with your mouse fellow, that wasn't the defining feature of the fuck itself. You seemed to genuinely *want* to give some sort of aid and comfort or at least a little something for the trouble. If I read it right, you were trying to give from a good place in your heart, if not your body.

Yeah, I've done it. And I didn't feel particularly generous about it afterwards, either. And I have had it done *for* (to) me and that wasn't the best either. But I don't feel as badly about the women who pitied me as much as I do about myself for pitying those women I thought I was favoring, if that makes any sense.

Thanks for sharing this!

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