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18 December 2007



How rude.


That was pretty easy to find googling, but at least she's taken it down (I assume you sent her a takedown notice). Keep up the great writing - hopefully no more of it will be stolen!

And have a great Christmas - although living in New York, I'd love to experience just one New Year's there.

Juno Henry

I'm with Jess. How unbelievably, obnoxiously, bum-bitingly rude.

(Btw, CG, the first link to Lorelle calls up an error message. Just FYI.)

Happy holidays, sweetpea...
Juno xxxxxxx

chelsea g


Thanks for the heads up; the site must not allow for html citation. If you want to find the piece from Lorelle, and it is helpful advice, then cut and paste this address in your browser window: http://lorelle.wordpress.com/2006/04/10/what-do-you-do-when-someone-steals-your-content/

chelsea g


Human nature at it's most disgusting, crude, rude, and unattractive. Lying, stealing, cheating, hey, perhaps she could run for president, she has the qualifications.
Hope you are feeling better with that cold of yours Chelsea girl.

Elizabeth Wood

I've been immersed in student papers for the past week and have found more plagiarism than I care to acknowledge. It's been awful. I'm sorry that it goes so far beyond first and second year college students and extends into the "really ought to know better" segments of the blogosphere.

And thank you for the incredibly lucid discussion of intellectual property and copyright. I might just use that in class. With proper documentation of course!

Now, what is the correct way to construe the Bruce Springsteen lyric, please? I've never been able to construe it properly!


chelsea g

Dr. Wood,

That would be "revved up like a Deuce." Or so I read somewhere.

chelsea g

Bad Kitty

What a twunt!
The worst part is that she probably doesn't understand why her ethics are sorely lacking, and is somewhere blaming somebody else for her deficiencies as a person.

Elizabeth Wood

Thank you! I always heard "wrapped up like a douche a mumble mumble in the night." I never could figure out what it meant and I never wondered long enough about it to look it up later.

Come to think about it, that's the same sort of "lack of curiosity" for which I sometimes criticize my students.

I feel better educated already :)


Plagiarism has always struck me as the result of the particular plagiarist's mix of personality traits, none of which are terribly redeeming. Depending on how they have implemented their theft of Intellectual Property a plagiarist shows their true colors. To me I see it like this: at its simplest, plagiarism is simple laziness. At its most extreme it also shows a lack of morals, narcissism, lack of self confidence, and an active desire to misrepresent (for all the reasons people misrepresent themselves). Its clear act of disrespect, and anyone that hides behind the argument that "copying is the highest form of flattery" is simply trying to heap more BS on the problem in hopes that you won't notice the original insult. The best way of dealing with a plagiarist, again in my opinion, is to expose them, let any who cares know that the plagiarist stole and misrepresented themselves. A plagiarist can't survive in the light of day. Expose them and they shrivel up or slink away.
Well done with your response and with your (as always) eloquent discussion of the topic. As always, love your writing.


This post was very well-written, and I couldn't agree with you, and with your commenters, more. Thank you, too, for the links about how to deal with copyright infringement. Excellent advice. It's interesting... like others here, I understand that young people, students, will make mistakes when starting out, and they need to be educated about plagiarism. But why would a blogger plagiarize? We're here voluntarily, one would think out of love for the whole process. What is the point in having a blog then putting someone else's words there, when you started it in order to share your own words? People are strange.


Lack of enforcement and consequences combined with entitlement culture means the lazy untalented attention addicts lie cheat and steal then rationalize it all as being some how ok.

tom paine

Blogging is a strange phenomenon. I referenced the same post of yours, but not only linked to it, but also simply paraphrased what you wrote, inviting my readers to go to your site and make up their own minds.

I have, in the past, lifted a few lines from someone else's posts, but this is allowed even in the strictest protections of copyright under the "fair use" principle. The idea is that I can quote a bit of what you've written as an illustration, the point-of-departure for agreement or disagreement with your thesis, etc.

Stealing is something different, but no less common. And on the Internet, it lives forever.


Ah, but does the lady download her music and pay for it or does she P2P or rip other people's CD's? Enquiring minds want to know.

Also, doesn't Copyscape's home page resemble Google's? How ironic!

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