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29 December 2007



Although this isn't your blogiversary, I have to say I'm glad you're still here and still writing. Writing consistently while entertaining oneself and those who read isn't particularly easy, and it gets harder the longer you do it (as you exhaust your history, your thoughts and ideas, your toychest) and yet you've managed to do it quite well.

Cheers, CG!

Selena Kitt

Here's to another interesting year! :)


What a look back at 2007. It's a bittersweet farewell... but I too am looking forward to the new year, and to see what it will bring. I am anxiously standing on tippie-toes, always eager to read more from you.



You do have trouble with non-irony, don't you?

All the best for 2008.


chelsea g

Would that be sincerity, Eamon? Because, actually, no, I don't. I'm equally sincere as I am ironic, and I'm often sincere in my irony.

The very best to you in 2008 too.

sincerely yours,
chelsea g.


It appears to have been a draining year (at times) emotionally for you, but also one of important discovery. As one of many many readers, let me say I appreciate your grammar, your open sharing of yourself, and of course your great writing!

Happy New Year to you. May the next be even greater.


That list is extensive.

I can barely remember what I did 2 minutes ago.


"I got my shit together, but it was too heavy to lift..." ;^)

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