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06 November 2007



Congrats Chelsea and continued success to you.

Best regards,


I read your article, then found your blog at the end and I found it very interesting. I been your so-called "gentleman slut" for about 2 years now and I find everything you've said absolutely true. I think there is one thing missing and understandably left out for the readers of Penthouse (maybe because the majority audience of adult magazines aren't your sexiest men.) There is a certain amount of "physical presence/confidence" needed to be a man whore. Not every man has this and can only control so much of it. I'm just saying that if I was a butt ugly, no money having, overweight, disrespectful shit bag... it would be VERY difficult for me to become the gentleman slut I am and be successful. Either way, the article... all true and I couldn't have explained it any other way. Best wishes on any endeavors you have and I hope to read more from you.


Edgy Mama

Hurrah, hurray!

Way to write 'em, CG.


Wow, you're awesome.


Hi Chelsea Girl,

Kudos on getting published! I've enjoyed your blog for a while now, your writing is terrific!

Why not pursue the "Strip Nation" book idea? You've got the inside knowledge, the thesis , the rep and the chops to pull it off.

Maybe Penthouse would be interested in publishing a seminal piece of the book - to test the waters?

My two cents...

xo - Elwood

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