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29 July 2007



Hahaha. The idea of "the flight of the bumblebee" playing as a soundtrack to this is so funny. Love it.

Karl Elvis MacRae

The phrase pretty cupcake ass is going to rolling around in my head for days.

The Fury

OK so here's how much of a freak I am for your writing, I re-read lines of this post immediately after reading them to keep the sensation going. You know you're one of my favorites stop looking at me like that! Cupcake ass...love that. Can I borrow that? Asshole sucking...ummm..pointers please? You know the concerns. Another hot one, cupcake!


The last threesome I took part in featured a woman who wanted to go down on my wife more than anything else. The other facets of this threesome weren't so great.

At least someone had fun. :)

Count Vertigo

Now, what interests me most is the lead-in. How'd you end up in this situation? Did Edible Ava know Forgettable Man from beforehand? Was this one of those "Casual Encounters" on Craigslist that the kids are all talking about?

Anna of London escorts

What a sexy story. Thanks for sharing. I dont think the fact that it was over s quickly is any indication of the depth of the experience...seems like you all had a blast!

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