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06 June 2007



i have always thought that was the strangest..feeling alone with family.
it's a weird and uncomfortable feeling for me..because family is (supposed) to be those your are closest with, or at least, the most comfortable with..

at any rate..thanks for your words. i love your lexicon.


"And because I did it because I felt so lost, so alone, so burdened by the pain of that under-table fuck and its ensuing mess, and so much like my only recourse was to stick my chin up, give a defiant Fuck You to the world, and pretend like I didn’t hurt, like I wasn’t afraid, like I didn’t feel alone..."

Amazing. You are much more articulate than I...and yet that is a meticulously crafted description of my own feelings at this very moment. Thank you. DO NOT ever let anything or anyone silence the amazing voice that is your writing. Amazing.

Karl Elvis

There's nothing like a little taste of implied (if distant) incest to get my attention. Kisses, sweet CG.


I always feel alone among family. Maybe not even alone, CG, so much as . . . estranged? It's like we're in the same room and talking but we stand on opposite sides of a river. Weird. Sometimes the chasm closes when Brother C and I are alone, sometimes.


You have become a "Must Read" for me after only 2 visits.

The way you have with words is almost as erotic as honest-content of your kink...

Bravo CG...keep up the good work!

dirty filthy princess

Your story about this painful time in your life really comes across very clearly. Almost too clearly. It makes me hurt for you.


CG, Whenever I read a post like this I get jealous. Not over the sex, although I'm sure that was great, but because of the acceptance your family and friends have given you and the liberation that comes with it.

In other posts you wrote about exploring with your mother what to do about your boyfriend's desire for sex, about how your father checked on you while you were sucking off your boyfriend in his truck, in this post you may have told somebody what you were doing with your cousin and you continued to have sex with him all but in front of everyone. All this written with no hint of fear of recrimination, instead it is more like your family gave you their blessing and unconditional acceptance. If so, that is one hell of a gift.

I expect that that acceptance allowed you to do what you felt you wanted or needed to do, whether it was sex, dropping out of, or into school, ending your relationship with C, becoming a stripper, dealing with the on-the-job rejection of being a stripper, having this blog or abandoning your PhD.


You are a brave girl to write these things.

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