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11 March 2007


sweat shop sissy

now THAT was funny.
glad you're feeling better.


Honey, I am glad to see you are feeling better. ;-D


Omg! I'm like sO happy for you! I totally love hellO kitty too. You rOck!


Ohmigod. I puffy heart CG. Totally HoTTTTT.


juliett rowe

fucking classic.


Bad pun! You need to spanked, again.


you never cease to amaze lol


Alessia Brio

*grin* What a wonderful way to start my Monday. Thanks for the smiles (and, like, congratulations).


I thought the same as you regarding other women who said they could have multiple orgasms. How do you think it happened? Could you do it again if you wanted? I'd love to know. I wish I could have multiple and or just easier orgasms too.


OOooooOOOOooo congratulations!!1!!!1!!!

I'm sooooo happy 4 U.

Welcome to teh club!!!1!!!!!

Edgy Mama

You crack me up!

Mults are intergallactic fanastic, aren't they?


So glad you are... huh, feeling much, much better now! ;)


Uh, oh, Doctor, the hallucinations have begun again... (grin)




this is like the totally, like, weirdest thing ever you know because i was all like sure you had forty eleven hundred orgasms you greedy cow and then like two weeks ago something miraculous happened and like i came so many like times i like totally lost count and now like yeah

okay seriously i can't like keep up the like valleygirl like speaking you know any more like okay?

but isn't it fucking awesome?

Hot Lips Houlihan

Wonderful! Bonny Bell Lipsmacker - now that's classic!


"Because the only thing better than one orgasm is a whole bunch of orgasms."
-Confucious ... or me

Some Girl

ThAt WUZ awEsome!!11!!! LOL OMG ROTFLMAO!!!111!!!

(Let's promise to never do this again.)


i am SOOOO totally jealous!!!!! OMG I cannot believe you actually had that many multiples....

Al Sensu

I love that kitty of yours!

The Fury

Schweeeet! That was hilarious and sexy all at once. multi-o women are the best. I had a partner that was seriously Oooooooo and with every wave I got jealous and it boosted my ego all at once. It didn't hurt that I "broke her orgasm record" in one session. That's gotta be proof God is a woman.

tom paine

Each time C. comes she swears she can't come anymore-- and then she does. It's a good thing when you're fucking more than one person to be multi-orgasmic.


When was this ... like March eleventy? And I'm still like totally laughing my designer buns to pieces? You're good. You're good for me. Thank you.

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