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06 February 2007



You go clockwise, hm?

I'm a counter-clockwise gal myself.

Wonder if that means anything?


Do you consider yourself fortunate that your Mother was so open about sex with you? I can only imagine since my parents never mentioned sex to me, ever. I suppose that the experience is slightly different for men, since at some point it will simply happen, one way or the other. I have often been surprised by how many women I've talked to that didn't discover masturbation until later in life, even into college or young adulthood.


I can very much identify with your story. I have the memory of my first self-induced orgasm burnt indelibly into my mind, and distinctly remember the emboldened feelings I had after I'd discovered that I could give myself such pleasure.

Thanks for sharing that!

sweat shop sissy

you made me laugh outlound. i remember finding that same book on my parents book shelf and devouring it, but i think i was already a chronic wanker already. wasn't there a really lame movie with the same name? i discovered their well worn copy of 'the joy of sex' a little later.

Paul Davis

I am suprised that you don't remember orgasms from earlier that that. My daughter was clearly masturbating on the stair railing from age 2-3 until about 5 or 6. Whether orgasms were involved is probably impossible to say. I remember encountering my first orgasm while climbing metal poles in the school yard while in elementary school. I thought most people had experiences like this in their pre-sexual histories.


Like Caitlain, I too remember my first masturbatory orgasm -- so don't assume that that particular memory only gets etched into the female brain! (grin)

Of course, regarding the clit, I wish that it was easier to make my tongue go CW/CCW at critical moments as opposed to left/right or up/down... but hey, it all works...!


I discovered my clit about five or so years before you did. The autodidact, intellectual approach is interesting. I wonder what the split is-- intellectual vs. fingers wandering down and discovering the pleasure and then later naming it, discussing the phenomenon. I told a friend about my early discovery, and it surprised him, that I was so young. I bet it isn't unusual. Pre-verbal/pre-literate, pure pop pleasure for now people. In adolescence I was open about my masturbatory habits, and it made some of the mean girls afraid of me. I suffered, but not too much, realizing that they were missing out, happy in my budding sexuality.


my first orgasm wasn't as beautifully encountered as this one, but the sheer joy of feeling it for the first time is one i will never forget. nor is my first cock induced orgasm ever forgotten.


I liked your article especially the part about trying it every different way after learning you could. I was the same way, although it took me a few tries before I successfully did it standing up without falling over! That's STILL not easy.

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