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06 December 2006


Karl Elvis

Ah yes, the chemistry of scent.

I have a profound dislike of perfumes and colognes, mostly due to allergies; they say, not, come hither, but, here comes a sinus headache. But also, i think, I hate them because they mask what a person actually smells like.

A few years ago, I met a woman, and we were almost instantly attracted to each other; yes, she was stunningly sexy, and yes, she let me kiss her the night we met, and after checking to insure i was 'regimental' under my kilt, showed me that she was similarly attired under her skirt.

But it wasn't just those things that made me fall for her, and her for me. Later, one afternoon, she said to me 'you smell, familiar. Like something right, like something I already know'.

Her scent seemed to get into my brain, and mine into hers. We'd text each other later and say, i had to wash you off my skin and now I'm sad

I can still recall her scent exactly; simply smelling the laundry detergent she used leaves me misty.

Some people, as you say, simply smell wrong, and some right. Some mixture of chemicals, something deep in the animal brain that says this one is my mate or this one is not. I've come to trust this, to know if someone smells wrong, whatever else might work, we'll never have that connection; and when someone smells *that* right, stay away, because it will only break my heart.


CG, you were going to masturbate with a shirt on your face? I'm impressed that you would admit that here. Admirably honest, and funny. Smell is the one sense that I don't think will ever be dupicated virtually. It's completely analog; there's no way (yet, at least) to put smell in ones and zeroes.


You are one of the only people I know to post about this. I often say I've given up on good dates based on smell and smell alone. I'm like a bloodhound. When I was pregnant everything changed smell wise and Gander changed smellwise. I was so glad to give birth cause he smelled like his own self.
Smell is vital.


I am in a trade, a business, that requires acute depth in definition of aroma, scent and bouquet. It is dominated by men. Yet I have observed over the years that women are far more adept at scent definition than men. I suspect it is primal.

Slut Boy

My partner Ivy has a distictive scent, a mix of masculine and feminine musks that always make me stand up for her.


intriguing topic and written in a really interesting style i might ad. Read you again

Sara no H.

One of the guys I used to date worked briefly at Cinnabon. Coming home after even a brief four-hour shift he smelled like freshly-baked dough, cinnamon, and that almost-cloyingly sweet cream cheese frosting -- I'd cuddle up to him and just inhale, and it was heavenly. Once I even snagged one of his shirts for sniffing bliss while he showered because he was convinced he smelled bad.

chelsea girl

I had a feeling I'd strike a chord in this post, however deeply buried in the hippocampus that chord might be.

I'm just suprised, and frankly a little saddened, that no one picked up on my Nelson Muntz reference.

HA-HA, indeed.

chelsea girl


Right on the schnozz again, so to speak...

Part of my love for and enjoyment of the Ms. is, indeed, her scent... As Karl stated, she just smells "Right"... and I guess I do, too!

You should have stuffed Tony's t-shirt between your legs and masturbated, and mailed it back to him... and see if he noticed... (grin)

chelsea girl


I would have but A) that would have been "inappropriate"; B) I hate going to the post office; and C) it's a really nice shirt, and I like to wear it.

chelsea girl

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