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18 December 2006


1st Republic 14th Star

Scrofulous! What an awesome word!

The Fury

Yeah that is an ultimate fantasy of most people. If only I could've had my fling with a teasher in her classroom. HOT!


My first real love was my professor. No actual sex in the classroom, but the exchange during the semester was one long slow seduction. Then, walking down 10th street one day, after I graduated, he appeared and asked for my number. Bliss. He turned out to be a neurotic mess, but oh the ecstasy while it lasted. He sounds suspiciously like your smart professor.


Most of my getting off fantasies lately have involved classrooms, mostly ageplay themes to them: me, the horny slut student getting fucked by her teacher after class, while desperately trying to hold back her cries so the next class can't hear, that sort of thing.
Alas, I never did have a teacher I lusted for, but when my husband bend me over the bed it's not hard to imagine it's really his desk and he's a very bad man for fucking his student.

HOTNESS. I love it.


Oh..and the John Cleese bit? Usually when there's Monty Python involved in the bedroom, it's doesn't work out so well for me. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE me some Monty Python. I'm just saying...


Very poetic. It also brought up memories of my own crush with my German teacher. Before that, it was my Phys. Ed/Human Sexuality teacher. It was back in the time when I had a crush on many people who, if we actually had a relationship, would have found themselves in jail. But, both of them were sweet little crushes that I still cherish like a tiny spring flower growing in my yard.


Love it when Cleese castigates the student, "We don't STAMPEDE the clitoris!"

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