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21 October 2006


You're a stupid bitch who whored her dignity for some bouncing sacks of silicone. You're no more a feminist than David Duke is a civil rights activist.


Huh. As always, an interesting piece. I got to say you do fill out your lovely bits very well. And it is refreshing to take a stand (especially with something like this) and be proud of it (or at least not ashamed afterwards). Alluding to the grand narritive, it does bring up a lot of questions, but frankly fuck it. You love them, you radiate with them, and nothing says sexy like confidence...and I do love a cutie with big tits and a nice ass.


That is the only reason to do any augmentation - for yourself. Not to please anybody *but* yourself. I know one person who did it for her (now ex-) husband. She was happy with the results, but the relationship didn't improve that much. Her boobs were not the reason for the marital problems, nor were they the solution. And at least they were not considered 'community property' during the divorce settlement hearing. ;)


Yeah Chelsea! Everyone knows that real feminism involves accusing other women of "whoring". What were you thinking?

I did like the David Duke analogy though. It's so appropriate--Every time we eat together, your tits do need their own lunch counter.

I must add one thing though: your tits are no more spectacular than the rest of you.



Smart gal, nice boobs, as always an excellent read. Is it nice to enjoy the rabid gate keepers of the club. Your first poster sound an awful lot like Ann Coulter if you just change the subject.

J Morgan

There are perks to big breasts. When my wife and I would go to Dead, or Phish shows, she always wore something to accentuate the rack ! When we would go through the security line the guys would hardly notice me...they couldnt keep their eyes off her. lol

I dont even notice guys that stare at my wifes breasts anymore, it used to really bother me. They are beautiful, and I enjoy knowing that other people think they are too !

J Morgan


Good for you CG...and from what I've seen of them in the pics...I quite admire them also. Nothing like a bit of cleavage to turn a man on..letting the imagination wander..


ok...the words "stupid bitch", followed by liking Chelsea-girl to a whore and then immediately talking about civil rights seems, well, incongruous.

That is of course surpassed by another sub-sentence when Chelsea-girl is depicted entirely by the inaccurately stated “bouncing sacks of silicone” - though maybe the “person” meant the outer layer as opposed to the content, in which case they should have said “bouncing silicone sacks” or even “bouncing silicone sacks of saline” (she sells seashells by the seashore).

Despite all that nonsense, I tried to comprehend the lack of feminism that having implants would somehow indicate. I started by assuming that the “person” thought changing appearance medically was non-feminist behavior. Of course an exception would probably be the using of prescription creams for acne, or the removal of a wart or even, more drastically, some optional dental work to fix crooked teeth. I on the other hand don’t believe these to be anti-feminist. I then moved to the changing appearance to be “more attractive” but most people get haircuts etc…so that was short lived.

Finally, I realized that the “person” believes that certain body parts of a woman can not be messed with in anyway or you are anti-feminist. Once again the logic grinds to a stop because this would be ignoring the Chelsea-girl’s thoughts and attitude and focusing criticism on her breasts…very un-feminist.

Please anonymous “person” supply me with further incite on your two sentences or I will have to assume your a just a mindless stereotype(r).

Bad Kitty

Thanks, CG, for that; as usual, you have enlightened and entertained all at the same time.

It's so sad when closed-minded angry people lash out at those they envy, only to expose a snarling, rabid bitterness
(one that should probably be tended to, before it gets out of hand, really).

Somebody needs a hug. And some kind of better understanding of reality. Or at least a better filter.


If something makes you happy and that something hurts nobody else, then your happiness preempts all cultural stigma. I, however, would have used something with a higher resolution than a cell phone to photograph the bikini.


Three Cheers For Chelsea!

1) Cheers for expressing yourself;
2) Cheers for allowing anonymous knucklehead's post to show up;
3) Cheers for remembering "Illegitimi Non Carborundum" (or in real Latin, "Noli nothis permittere te terere").

There will always be that 0.001% of the voyeurship that provides additional spark to the other 99.999% to enjoy and respect you even more, and to recommend your writings to our friends...

Carry on, kid...

Anne Elizabeth

Yeayyyy, Chelsea ! You said exactly what I went through/think !!! I went from an a cup to 400's myself (although on my 36" rib cage body frame they are a C cup) -- and I LOVE them !!! And so does every guy I have been with !
Good for you -- and you said it quite well !
Hope you are having an excellent Sunday.
Anne Elizabeth


First commenter said
"You're a stupid bitch who whored her dignity for some bouncing sacks of silicone. You're no more a feminist than David Duke is a civil rights activist."

A case of tit-envy? ;)

You should invite them to guest comment. Their first topic would probably be "the benefits of saving it for marriage".


Don't you just love people that post insulting remarks but don't identify themselves.


Thanks for making me think this morning. I am also an equal opportunity bisexual woman when it comes to breasts; they can be spectacular at any size. When I talk to women who want implants, I'm always secretly thinking, "Your body, your choice, but why change what's already fine?" But you're absolutely right: I would never think that about a transgendered person.
I'm also a big fan of big breasts on me, and I'm lucky that I grew my own set of D cups. Maybe it's not fair of me to say, "I would never do that." Maybe I would.

Karl Elvis

Bring those beautiful things over here and let me have my way with them.

You are the proud owner of the only set of enhanced breasts I like. Though that may be only because I'm in love the the owner of said breasts.

Kisses, sweet CG - one on each pert nipple.


Bravo! Again as always you articulate what myself and, no doubt others have believed. And for the record, from the small view of you that we have through your thumbnail pics you are quite fetching. Add your words and you are a dangerously beautiful, open-minded and inteligent woman. Should I only be so lucky to find my chelsea girl one day.


Love the Seinfeld reference!


My thoughts are similar to velveteenviolet's. I've never understood why someone would get implants *other* than for someone else. However, I'm absolutely enamoured with my own boobage -- a word I've been using a lot lately, for some reason. 36C on a petite 5'2" frame. Like you, I always assumed I would be busty, but luckily, unlike you, I did end up that way. So, perhaps if I hadn't, I, too, would have wanted and gotten implants. Mmmm, I think I'd be too terrified of losing sensitivity, though.

Anyway, thanks MUCH for sharing your thoughts!



I'm just curious, why do you feel you need to defend your tits? If someone doesn't agree with the choices I make, I usually tell them to mind their own damn business.

chelsea girl


Often in the blogosphere, or in larger media, there arises some kind of lighting rod, and it feels as if you can't turn a page, a channel or a link without hitting whatever that hot subject du jour is.

Last week, I felt like everywhere I went, I saw people knocking breast augmentation. Sometimes they meant to. The new study I linked to certainly gave people the big green light to chime in on how horrible implants are. Other times, it was more subtle. A blogger would write a post about Tara Reid's new Us Weekly confession that she wished she'd never had surgery and then follow it with "What do we think, ladies?" The implicit answer is that we think we'd never do that to our bodies.

And it's a question to which I respectfully demur. I would. I did. And I'd do it again. And so it wasn't that I was defending my choice to an individual; it was that I felt the need to stand up, head held high, chest up and say that I {heart} my big-ass fake titties.

chelsea girl


They are absolutely lovely and I have no problem with your luscious breasts.

None whatsoever.

But I need to know...what is in the center of your bra in the second picture?


You are damned right to love them, they look great, indeed. I´d clearly opt for a boob job to make myself happy. In my case - being proudly big breasted - it will be to repair the damage of age and breastfeeding....Keep enjoying yours....kisses


Your brain is what fascinates us all.

Your tits are wonderful. But your brain is outstanding.

End of story.


Well, from what I've seen of yours, they look great.

Tara Reid's however, are definitely Frankenboobies. And I'm a big fan of boobies, both real and enhanced. Sometimes they just aren't well done, and that looks bad.

As far as the reasons to get them, I firmly stand behind the rights of any woman to get bigger boobies ;)

Jamye Waxman

While big fake tits aren't necessarily my personal choice I commend you for owning your decision and standing out and proud.


i.m. butch

thanks, CG, for letting us in on the contours of your risk taking...

i think that, in our actions, we can never know, for sure, the difference between the powers we support and the powers we subvert.

and as nuanced as it is, and as long as it doesn't hurt others, sometimes, it is best to take an informed and deliberate risk, and indulge in our own pleasures, especially when it comes to figuring out how to be truly IN our bodies.


Man, it's like christmas!

The Fury

Not that my (cro-magnon?) male opinion means much in a such pro-feminine post... Yes you indeed have great tits. With D cups that danced at Flashdancers, they must be absolutely incredible in the flesh.

Question - even though your tits garner you privileges, do you ever get offended when breast mesmerized men gawk as they heap the priviliges on you?


That first comment really shocked and disturbed me. I seriously doubt that person would be so upset by some other form of plastic surgery- one without sexual implications. I think someone gave him/her the bad touch. It's your body and good on you for being honest about what you want from it.


Hit the nail on the head, my dear.

Can a feminist not suffer from body dysmorphic states like the rest of the population? Psssh.

You knew what you wanted and you went for it. Personally, I think it's ridiculous the way it's judged. People alter their bodies in small and large ways every day- make up, hair dying, hair cutting, tattoos, piercings. Are control top panty hose not feminist approved? My point, one can take anything to extremes...

My only gripe with fake boobs are when they're done BADLY. The surgeons performing such debacles ought to be shot. Ugh.


I cannot imagine how life must have been for dear Chelsea Girl before her boob job. Like Chelsea, Velvetviolet and Chislut, I always knew I would have big breast, and luckily I do. I know that if I did not grow them I would desperatly want a boob job, and would probably be saving for one now.

I do plan to have a breast reduction, but that will be after have had children, probably once I hit 40, so another 20 years of the wonderful breasts. (I have developed strange fantasies of being able to find a nice bra in my size, or clothes that fit nicely, ah the pain of the busty.

Oh and The Fury, I have never had a problem with how people stare at my breasts. When I am not showing any cleavage they bairly get a second glance. If I show cleavage I fully understand the staring. I can't stop myself from staring at other girls cleavage. I even try to stop sometimes. :)


Hi, I def support fake breasts! If they make u happy, then great! They look better and feel better as well. You get what u pay for tho, like anything else. Urs look great. congrats! - bill

tom paine

Real or fake, I'll nuzzle up to them anytime you'll let me....


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