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02 September 2006



I think I know why so many fear clowns now. Another of life's mysteries solved...before lunch no less.

Karl Elvis

"efficient in their hurdy-gurdy bacchanal"
"I feel like a child’s cupcake"

Marry me, Chelsea Girl.

chelsea girl

KtotheE, stop it, you sweet-talking polygamist, you.

chelsea girl


I love this post, I'm laughing and turned on. I don't think a blog could be better than that for a rainy saturday.

J Morgan

A Deadwood reference :-)
Very amusing CG, the exploding cigar especially, the imagery that conveys !!

I cant help but offer this back in gratitude...

"Anyhow, thanks for brushing against my prick.."
Al Swearingen to Miss Ingrinhausen
Episode 20 Deadwood Season 2


I have always nursed a fantasy of being fucked by multiple clowns, but I never got the clown bukkake image before.

Thanks, CG, for adding some primary colors to my reveries!


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