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04 August 2006



Sooooo....I live in 110+ weather and hate the fucking heat...but somehow...after reading this.......... I see is anew. Thanks for a whole new perspective and way to see how the heat is my friend.


This may be one of the most hysterical lines ever written:

"You consider the switch-twitch at the knot between your labia and then you consider the ring on your tub. You are suspended, momentarily, between desire and laziness, between disgust and yowling erotic need.

You clean the tub."

So funny, such a wonderful post.

Thank you again!


"You clean the tub." Sex is more mental. The idea of a dirty tub doesn't recoil me like the coldness of sticking ice up my ass. Then again, being a guy a year removed from college, the idea of a less-than-ideal bathroom doesn't make my nerves shutter.

Having said that, that would be a hot show...especially with that thick rump of yours. Probably the sexiest thing about global warming.



Jean Marie

Exquisite story! I shivered right along with you, then got a brainstorm. Sitting in my freezer right now are two peeled bananas. One has chocolate sauce and nuts springled on it on the wax paper; that one's for my mouth. The other is plain; that one is going up my bottom. The former was a childhood treat; your story inspired the adult X-rated treat. Gives new meaning to "melt-in-your-mouth-goodness." Maybe I'll wait for the double-penetration until just before 6 pm, when my boyfriend gets home from work. Think that he'll lick frozen banana cream from my crack for me?
Jean Marie

The Minstrel Boy

oooOOO! still shivering. . .


I read of you and the feeder, and your exercise obsession, and I'll tell you two things.

The first is that all women, no matter how lean, how beautiful, have body image issues. I've lost track of the number of gorgeous women who, on first touch, who apologize for their belly or their thighs or some other imagined imperfection of weight. Women who gazelles would envy say this, it never fails to amaze me.

And I will say to you what I have said to them, which is simply - women are supposed to be soft.

Which is not an offer or come-on, just an invitation to be soft with yourself too.


Can barely remember being so warm. From where I am lying, I'm thinking now of tailor-ending a frankfurt. Its been so cold I often finding myself begging my partner to blow a little hot air up my skirt as we're walking at night.

but come summer, I'll be remeembering that ice cube.


WOW!! I just found your blog and its great, mind blowing!!

You should add some more photos of yourself too.

I am going to read the archives now!!

chelsea girl

Cool, babies...

I'm happy you all enjoyed the post. Nothing like a little bit of physical experimentation. My body is my Everest. Or at least my Mount Washington.

chelsea girl

Hip Swingster

Holy Shit. Wow. That was very hot (as well as cold).



Another reply, i just tried it in the shower, one cube then another. My shaft rising in to falling water for extra fun!! Nothing like the feeling of cold water running down the inside of your warm thigh!!

But what about the water thats left up there!!


Goddammit what the hell

Using ice-nine to describe a cold sensation? The whole point of ice-nine was that it froze at warm temperatures! This flagrant perversion of literary reference is just SICK.


just gorgeous

you've inspired a little bit of us :)

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