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11 July 2006



mm, nipple clamps are one of my favorite things. also clit clamps -- well, pussy clamps, because my clit is a little tender for that sort of things. i think they often get overlooked, outside purely s&m circles. which is too bad. they're good in the same way spanking is good, methinks, but with the benefit that you can do them to yourself properly.


I'm no prude, nor unadventurous, but I just don't "get" the BDSM / pain thing at all. I got caned a few times at school and all I can recall of it was that it FUCKING HURT. A lot. And certainly not in any way that could be described as *nice* either! Still it doesn't stop me loving to read about it so I suppose that's alright then.

Loved the post, as usual seriously sexy, and does absolutely nothing towards helping me get my work done. In fact it is a positive hindrance, In fact I shouldn’t be here at all. Hey ho.


I've been lurking for quite some time, now. I just wanted you to know how inspirational you are for me. Thank you for waking me up again.


chelsea girl

Hey, I'm happy I could keep you all...up, as it were.

Thanks for leaving a comment on my shiny bits.

chelsea girl


I need toys...


The idea of nipple clamps is not for me, but I do enjoy the way you write about it.

Reading your mention of the butt plug, 'whose hard angles suggest design by a person devoid of asshole', makes me thing we should organize a sex toy swap. Bring the toys you don't want, because someone might it. We can drink while the dishwasher-safe toys go through a dishwasher cycle. Just a thought.


Hey, is fuckin' typepad fixed yet?

I love the image of you blushing. Truly.

Michael Blowhard

You blushed? That's so sweet. And hot.

chelsea girl

I did. I actually blushed.

On my cheeks.

The ones on my face.

For real.

chelsea girl

Onus of the burden? Have I caught you in a rare malapropism?

chelsea girl

Actually, dear anonymous reader, I malaprop all the freaking time. In speech, I have a consistent aphasiatic groping for nouns and verbs (other parts of speech come to me readily, for no apparent reason).

Last night, for example, I told my room-mate that Donny was ready to tenure his resignation. Maybe it was pure parapraxis, but then again, maybe it was just linguistic synaptic malapropriety.

"Onus," though, having a secondary meaning of "stigma or blame," seems spot on to me.

Thanks for playing, though.

chelsea girl

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