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05 July 2006



But isn't it beautiful that a face you find so unattractive and alien on yourself is the one he covets so much - so really, it can't be as ugly as you think it is.


"And this unpretty face, I realize, is the face that Donny prizes, as much as he loves the pussy he watches himself fuck. His private joy to make me make the face, in reflecting it back at him, it reflects both his own pleasure and his pleasure in making me make it.

Prettiness is irrelevant. This face is private. Prettiness is for the public, passion is for my lover."

Lovely (if indirect) essay on the distinction between pretty and beautiful, CG.



Lovely (if indirect) essay on the distinction between pretty and beautiful, CG.

Just what I was going to say.


Tut, tut, enough modesty. I, for one, would like to see more of you.


CG, I have truly enjoyed experiencing your thought processes, since being led here by pal Susie Bright... And your observations of the faces and bodies in the mirror accurately reflect what is shown in our own as well -- I adore her "fuckface," as ego-serving as it may be!!!



Mirror fucking is something I engaged in with glee when I was much younger, when my own image was so much easier to accept than it is now - fuckface and all. But to "submit" to the mirror now, when age is having its merry way with me... ah, now that would take courage; a kind of courage I feel I don't possess much of these days. However, I have to say that the honesty in your post has gone a long way to en-courage me, and I thank you so much for that!

So, because there still exists that adventurous girl inside this well-used matriarchal body, my next step, I suppose, should be a trip to Wal-mart, eh?

Wish me luck.

chelsea girl

No one said the ego shouldn't be in the bedroom. Or wherever it is you take your fuckface.

Rock on, Shel.

And you too, Tea. To Wal-Mart!

chelsea girl

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