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22 June 2006



I wholeheartedly agree with you. There is no better sensation in this world than looking at your man as he comes and knowing that YOU made that happen, and you got to watch it happen. There's nothing better than planting yourself firmly between a man's legs, and feeling him squirm under you and then hearing that satisfying sigh and feeling it happen.


Why deny yourself 50% of possible sex partners? I've sucked one cock in my life, not to completion but enough to taste the salty pre-cum. If I ever get the chance to do it again, I will. I don't see anything wrong with it. Besides, maybe it'll help my chances in convincing TW to swing. :D :D :D

Having spent my wild years being bi; I downed more than my share of the good goo. Having done that, on my best day, I could not have expressed it anywhere nearly as well. Donnie is a lucky guy. I hope he gives as good as he obviously gets!


"The world is your oyster. Go slurp it."

That's one of the best lines i've ever read. Outstanding!!

[Please allow me to borrow it -- for use in private verbalisation only.]




Bad Kitty

As always, it was well-written; you took me back to my favorite cock sucking memories with your descriptions. Mmmm.


"Translating the purely physical into written language is difficult..."

As one who struggles with said translation regularly, and as a sometimes deep throater myself, I think you did a marvelous job here.


chelsea girl

Yup, nothing like the deep-dicking oral. How lovely that I've struck a (vocal) chord in all of you.

chelsea girl


I love how a good, solid, deep deepthroating can feel almost overwhelming. And I love how it can be absolutely powerful or utterly submissive, depending on the dynamic.

By the way, have you seen Christopher Hitchens' essay in this month's Vanity Fair on the blow job? Cocksucking has made its way into polite conversation. And American identity.

chelsea girl

I know! Christopher Hitchens on the slurpy art. I have to check it out. He kind of gives me a pain in the ass, Mr. Hitchens does. I want to like him, I really do, but I once saw him on Bill Maher, and the lead singer from Better Than Ezra reduced Hitchens to accusing him of being gay.

Like that was the best retort he could come up with? When the lead singer of a second-tier band makes you go all homophobe, you have some deep, deep unpretty issues.

You know?

chelsea girl


View erotic stories here too.


Oooh. You just got eros-blogged. You're going to get even MORE traffic now. B^)


Oooh, why don't they tell you the bit about how to relax the throat in sex-ed? *Takes note*


Or as Spinoza tells us, DESIRE = Appetite + Awareness.


Well,well,well!As a young student i first experienced a blow job in a darkroom with the red light bathing my kneeling partner as she initiated me into something I didn't quite understand.Later,a few years later I was taught how to relax and enjoy.Some of us guys don't know how to recieve an artistic blow.But after reading this article,I know it's only happened twice,I'm now 48!!! Don't get me wrong,I've had some cool sucks,but a good slow slurping,dripping eyewatering mouth,sinking down and down until her tongue darts in between trembling balls,is rare.I'm not married and have vowed to say,"YES I DO" at the next woman,girl,twink that can produce that falling sensation......oral vertigo!


Chelsea, you taught me how to do this and down to the downward slope of a comma you describe my exact feelings about it. Oh, how I do wish I could write as you do; but now, at least, I can do what you describe so well.
Thank you.

Beth (married and shared)

having just recently found your articles and site. thank you so much for so sweetly and beautifully articulating your love of deepthroat and throat fucking. i completely agree. i've been a lover of this since before my marriage and submission. they are intricately intertwined and inseperable. "learning" to deepthroat was a long time in achieving it, but with my lover and then husband it was not only successful, but beautiful in the process. i cried with such joy once it was achieved. a moment indeliblely etched into my memory for forever. your suggestions regarding spit and saliva are right on the money, wish i'd have known all that when i was in training. i smiled with your self-challenge, as i've done the same, many times with many lovers.

thank you!
signed with pride as a married woman, shared through submission


CG Summers you a national treasure no perhaps that is too narrow, you are a galactic treasure. I have only met one woman who could utterly engulf me, I was and will always be, awestruck be the astonishing control and determination involved. Keep inspiring the masses.


The mouthwatering blend of lust, charm and and erudition leaves me gasping for less...more...some!


You are a remarkable woman.


I really enjoyed the article and remember fondly the first time a dear sweet girl took my cock, began kissing it and after several moments, which seemed like an eternity, let my cock slide down into the depth of her throat and embraced it with her throat muscles. She then began her meticulous movements that caused me to erupt into her throat. It was such a wonderful feeling that I have searched for the past 50 years for someone that could do it as well. She was an artist in the act of deep throating and your writing tells me that you are an artist as well. You emblaze an image in the mind of the recipient that is more beautiful than anything his eyes and mind has experienced before. As I read I imagined that you were doing it to my cock and must say I got a faint glimpse of the same beauty, it can't be vivid as I haven't experienced it first hand. I just want to say THANK YOU for sharing. To those guys who have never experienced an artist like this at work, be patient, she will thrill your soul. Just be patient and still, the time for movement will come. She will cue you as to when it is acceptable, if you are truly in tune with her. Three cheers for Deep Throat and Linda Loveless for making the world aware it has existed for ages.


Many women would love to deepthroat, but never find out because they are too afraid to try it. I hope your wonderful post encourages them to learn how. To the male readers, it is really your obligation to help the woman learn. Be slow; be gentle; let her set the pace and take the lead. Tell her how much you are enjoying what she is doing for you. Encourage her to relax her throat. Don't facefuck her the first time you get down her throat. If she doesn't like to be facefucked, she may equate it with deepthroating, and you'll ruin it for her. If you help her enjoy the experience, you'll be in her throat a lot later, and she'll be more open to new variations. Be appreciative after she's done. Treat her like a person who has given you a gift; don't let her feel like a cum-receptacle.

BTW, for people who are not too crazy about the taste of cum, deepthroating while his cock is cumming gets the cum way past the taste buds.

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