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05 June 2006



Dear CG,
I just happened upon your musings yesterday by accident and have to admit, I am enthralled. However, your post today reminds me of my own few but memorable coitus sessions of years past that started out so serious but instead became the hilarious Monty Python of sexcapades remembered forever. Often it is our mistakes or some "pretty dumb things" that make the real memories.

Thank you for sharing from your newest, biggest fan!
Traveler of the Earth


Thanks for giving me the laugh of the day! I could almost see your cat playing with the ropes following you. Too damn funny!

It sounds like everything worked out in the end:)


Oh that was just hysterical... as always your writing is wonderful.


That was so sweet and hott and sexy all at once. That was REAL sex.



Hahah! Well, things alsways go wrong sometimes. And of course, you would go for the fruit metaphor at the end. ;)


That's a cat for you. Always ready to play... mostly when you're ready to play, too. Our cats here always want to play at the worst time. I guess King's member looks like a mouse under the covers at time.


That's when you know there's at least something good in the relationship, when your attempts at sex can go all to hell, and you can still laugh about it (and screw like dogs in heat).



To quote myself "Mmmf, mmf STOP!"
L: "What?"
Me: "Your zipper is tickling my uhh... well yeah."
L: *dies laughing*


Well, that's the best of attitudes!

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