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03 May 2006



The problem with sins is that they're fun. I don't believe that it is your intention, but I often find myself reflecting when I read your work. It's very impactful (there's some of the eighteen year old pretension ;) ), but I speak no BS, it really is.


As always CG you manage to cut through to the truth of things without effort and by simply relating. A skill uncommon and well appreciated.

PS: I added this to BlogStormz for you. Welcome aboard. Kisses.


"When I look back on it now, I see that Michael worked the emo-boy act before there was one. "

Heh. I'm hiding in shame!!! Very cool post cg. Muy Bueno, round peg girl.



Special characters are a pain in HTML. But you knew that. Just for future reference, it's ç to get the cedilla.

And yes, it's just because I swoon at your use of language. I have a thing for girls with big vocabularies.

Tony Comstock

Oh! I thought it was some sort of Andy Warhol thing!


I agree with Suse...you are a very "impactful" writer. I drop in to read you from time to time and am always blown away at how effortlessly you write about things that are difficult.


"I fucked Michael because I was jealous of Kim and angry that she had all this goodness while I had nothing that I could see."

Isn't is sad that in youth we are so blind to ourselves. I have a feeling your friend may have been a bit jealous of you! How could she not, you are amazing, and somehow I don't think she was as perfect as you thought...


The Bastard

Deadly sins? You stole my schtick, woman. Good story, though.

-- The Bastard


Hy there, it is time to reveal the truth: I read your blog because I really like the content and sharpness of your stories and because the way you use the english language improves my knowledge in vocabulary and grammar the like. I will move from Austria to NYC in a couple of weeks and I am sure, meanwhile I will be able to express myself in more detail when it comes to the lusty parts of life. Thanks for that ;-)
Since the famous Keith Jarrett concert you refer to was recorded in my part of the world, I would like to say that it is "Köln". Kisses from beautiful Vienna


Been lurking here for a while because I like it, and that, babe, was a gorgeous piece of writing.



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