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06 March 2006



obviously it's a point you've made before, but i'm always really grateful, for my own sake, when you point out how important emotions are in your relationships. it gives me hope that one can be very sexual and still very emotional, which i sometimes have a difficulty reconciling. i guess, uhm, thanks for letting me work out my issues vicariously?


That's such a brilliant post, by turns lubricious, witty, clever and, ultimately, with a thoughtful moral. And it set me thinking, as all good writing does; including evoking memories of my own such episodes.


Absofuckinglutely. kissykiss.


So, were you up late or early? (I figure anything that shows up before I get into work in the mornings is the product of either a)insomnia or b)a malfunctioning alarm clock)

chelsea girl

S.C., I was up late. I was still reeling in the post-Oscar crush that Crash won Best Picture, which I have to say in no uncertain terms IT DID NOT DESERVE.

And so I had to write this piece to get my mind off the fact that that egregious piece of filmic doody had been doubly lauded.


Also, Michelle Williams' gown was the color of bile.

That's all,



I am rather new to your blog and this is a first on posting a comment. But I just adored this tale. Of course, it brings me to remember my own b/g/b experience. I had a similar reaction; as you said, like watching oneself in an unfamiliar movie and going 'hmm'.
Great pleasure to read. -m


Out of curiosity, then, who were your picks? (I mean, I went fairly heavily with Good Night, and Good Luck)

Used Hack

I had a sexual experience that didn't quite live up to the hype as well. I'm in the process of negotiating for seconds. :)


I really liked this post and I certainly feel that I would be in ways quite similar to you. I'd want to really have some kind of "spark" regardless of the kind of sexual shenanigans, something that lit me up. I loved hearing the story and it gave me plenty of ideas!


I'm so happy that I stumbled onto this! I think I've found a new home!



I missed ya. Soon as I started to read you again I wondered why I stopped. I too came to the same realization a while back. When your heart and mind is into it, nothings better.

Tony Comstock

" I made a mental list of things I wanted to do"

Do you still have the list? I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I'd like to see what else is on it.


chelsea girl

You were, Tony. Alas that flexible monogamy has now found me.

And S.C. I admit I supported Brokeback all the way. Though I would have been overjoyed to see Heath Ledger get the Oscar for his amazing performance, I was fine with Philip Seymour Hoffman getting it for Capote.


Lex Konrad

So true, CG. It's not enough to simply squish a bunch of naked bodies together. If your head (and sometimes your heart) isn't connecting you're better off playing with yourself. Threesomes are so much more intense when they involve two partners you trust.


The last couple of sentences it sums it up perfectly. I agree totally. Still, you did it and found out what you were looking to find out.

The ferret

*Claps* bravo. i wholeheartedly agree. though i must say when you have a good connection with both of the men things are much more fun. Best of luck to you in future. I especially liked the mental image of being third person in a film. it really paints an interesting way of looking at the scenario. In short i like how your mind works. I'll definately be back here more.


I'm always glad to see when someone else shares my side of things. Guys have wondered why I've turned down their offers for no-strings sex, and it's for that reason that you identified; I need a connection of some sort. I also like to know I'm respected, and not just an interchangeable person, but that's another rant.


I feel this is a brilliant post. Both factual and sexy without being smutty. I also think that it does sound a bit cold, which is probably linked to the 'no connection" stuff.

Ive often thought about a tagteam scenario, been offered it in fact, but havent gone though with it.

You've given me some things to think about - thanks :)


Yes, yes, yes! It was exactly that feeling! (except mine was the 2 much older men / younger girl thing).

I don't have b/g/b fantasies anymore *sigh* too bad, because I used to really like them


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I have an old comment above, but I love this archived post. It reminds me of how my wife feels about threesomes. She needs some sort of connection, preferably with both partners.

We had a threesome with a female co-worker once and no matter how many times I've attempted "negotiating for seconds," she hasn't accepted.

She and I met alone for dinner one night, talked about going across the street to a hotel, but it still hasn't happened. It probably never will.

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