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06 February 2006



The Rolling Stones are a walking example of why Elvis was lucky to die when he did.

Anyone as edgy as they are has a limited lifespan in terms of public appearances before they become everything that they once stood against.


I loved this essay. I've been thinking a lot about things like this. How long can a good thing last before it is just a shadow of that thing?


To summarize the performance:

Opened with 'Start Me Up', which sounded like crap due to some sort of sound problems. Mick couldn't seem to hear himself.

Some tune I didn't recognize in the middle.

Closed with Satisfaction. Which sounds odd from rich geezers.

It's obvious Mick's knees hurt when he does much skipping and hopping, and Ron Wood, who needs a new wig, looks more bored than ever but plays a mean slide guitar. Mick's too old to wear sleeveless shirts. But Keith is the world's coolest mummy, the man defines rock and roll cool no matter how old he gets.

Ho Hum, but I could say that of any superbowl halftime show where there's no nipple.


'family-safe' perhaps, but the network was nervous enough to put the stones on a five-second time delay... so they could take the cock out of the rock


Edgy Mama

Astute, as always. I didn't watch either, as I was putting the kids to bed by half-time, but also because I was disappointed in the Stones' slide from cocksure rockers to family-appropriate half-time display.


I watched and it was disturbing though he moves well for 60+.

You are right in the disconnect between their roots and a half-time show. One of the stranger things in my music collection is Mick and the boys singing something I refer to as Cocksucker Blues.
"When I get my cock sucked, when I get my ass fucked ... I know how to do it every time."

Have always jokingly wondered if the old men would buy it back from me.

Sanyu and Suki

Amen, sister.


A dead on post. You rock.


Hmm, I like the way you write, girl.


During "Start Me Up, they took advantage of the delay to shut off Mick's mike while he sang the line, "You make a dead man come." Perfectly appropriate for the kiddies.

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