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29 January 2006



Mucho.. mucho sympathy.. not nice.. not nice at all..

Hope you feel better soon.



hoping relief comes soon. There is not more satisfying than no longer having a bad stomach.


Oooh! Sympathy!!!!! Tons and tons. I hate stomach crap!


Yikes, CG. I'm entirely sympathetic! A perverse imp is whispering in my ear to say things like "buckets of sympathy" but I've put it on ice till happier times. Which I hope will come soon, along with relief.

Take care,



Oh no.

See, even when you are writing about barfing, you write so well.

I'm jealous.

Did you break blood vessels in your face? That happens to me when I barf.

Take care. Thinking calm-tummy thoughts for you.

Mikko Moilanen

Food poisoning? OMG, You poor girlie. I wish I could pet your stomach and make tee for you.


Hope you feel better soon CG. Would a cool wet cloth on your forehead help?


Love ur blog...take some isotonic drink to prevent dehydration.take care ya


"Other people learn things when I'm drunk. Last week, a limo driver learned that, when I say 'I gotta yak', I don't mean that I have a long-haired buffalo in my back yard..."

Sorry you're down, babe. Hope you get better soon!


Food poisoning = hell.

Feel better, sugar.


Have chicken soup for you once the "bug" has vacated the CG temple.


Have chicken soup for you once the "bug" has vacated the CG temple.


Oh my poor darling, please feel better soon! Take good care of yourself, CG. For a sick tummy my mama always says chicken soup with extra noodles, soda crackers, ginger ale, bundle up, stay warm, take your nap, no pillow fights, no running in the house, stop hitting your sister, wipe that look off your face right now young lady... Sorry. Once my mama gets started it's hard to make her stop, even in my head. My mama and I say get well soon, be good to your tummy, and lay off the Chinese takeout with MSG, that's what always does it to me...

Edgy Mama

o baby. so sorry.

Used Hack

Awwwwwwwww, you poor baby. I tried to comment yesterday at home, but my laptop wouldn't allow me to do it. :kisses:


Ahh the delights of food poisoning. Nothing quite like it. Often known as 'stomach flu' by people who don't know what 'flu' means.

It sucks, but usually doesn't last long. Gentle hugs to 'ya, baby, feel bettter...

mr happy

Oh you poor thing,
Avery nasty thing to get, hope it doesnt last too long for you,
Plenty of fluids and lots of rest, mmmm and maybe some more of those nice dreams.
love your work
Hi from Downunder in OZ


Chelsea, Hope you're feeling like a million bucks real soon! (Whaddya eat, anyway?? And, will you ever be able to eat it again?) Good vibes going out in your direction....


I just stumbled across the site. But I hope you're feeling better!


Eat some crackers and I hope you feel better soon


Oh man, oh man. I hope you are mainlining the water and Gatorade. Because you neede to be better by Thursday night...



poor thing...but i HAVE to agree with Viv...get better girl.

am looking forward to meeting you on thursday.

but i also feel your pain...just be glad it was only your stomach insixde out...could've been firing out of both ends...and THAT is NO FUN!

take care...drink lots of fluids and cya thursday.

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