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31 January 2006


Edgy Mama

Thanks for filling in, O. Hilarious tale. I love Clockwork Orange as well.

Get well soon, CG.


We all need blog-friends as good as you, O, to take over for us with such style.


Nice story O ! I sure remember similar delirious experiences ... omg ... So funny. Our brains are so easily ‘deceived’.
And, of course, get well soon CG !!
- A


O, a wonderful tale, wonderfully written. Thanks for covering CG, that was so good of you. I look forward to the future elaboration.

Hope you feel much better today CG. Healing kisses X


Oy! I had a very early edition of the book and read it four or five times, banging my head repeatedly against the terminology and fabricating my own pronunciations and interpretations. Then a friend lent me a version with a glossary and while it made a difference it was sort of too late. I really enjoyed that book and everything else of his I could find. I hadn't discovered pot then, and I don't think I'd started having sex either (though I masturbated avidly.) Even so I can completely identify with your first encounter. I felt much the same way and had no excuses at all. :-)

Yikes! Tell CG I'm sorry she's still under the weather!

Take care,



A clockwork haiku for O:

Droog fucked my brains out!
Clockwork cock-up peeled my brain
Like orange. More please.

Well, he apparently didn't fuck *all* your brains out, darling O, this post is wonderful! You got brains to spare, girl. And if masturbation caused brain damage we'd all be we'd all be we'd all be fuck what was I saying oh well whatever dude...

Get well soon, CG, no one can do that haiku that you do so well.


You'll never replace our Chelse girl, boo. [Runs off crying...]

Err, right, now recovering from that fit of childishness, thank you for the wonderful reminder of one of my favorite movies. Never have got around to reading the book but I shall put it on the list.


Hi everyone,
Thanks! I'm glad my silly story could amuse you. It's also very funny that others have had similar experiences. ;) Chelsea Girl seems to be better but still a bit under the weather; I'm sure she'll be back tomorrow. Ravenna baby, i loved your haiku! Truly excellent stuff.



I think you did a wonderful job as an understudy O!

And I hope CG feels better soon! *HUGZ*


O, absolutely hysterical and so well done!

I love A Clockwork Orange!

I hope CG feels better soon!

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