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28 January 2006



I want to watch your dreams. I want to watch Jack Bauer do wicked things to your cunt, or to watch you have tiny, elegant orgasms.

If only there were a way to trap and store sex dreams for replay.


very nice I like reading your blog


I hate those mini-O's. I mean, I love them, but I hate them. So frustrating. Unless you can have a bowl full of them.

In my dreams anyhow, I only get one.

Hey, what happened to a weekend of no blogging? :D


Bowl fulla mini-O's? That's my kinda breakfast cereal.


You lucky, lucky girl.

chelsea girl


I was totally gonna take the weekend away from blogland and then I smoked some medicinal grade herb and here I was blogging.

And apparently making a lot of proofreading errors. Which should learn my ass not to write in a medicinal haze.

But it probably won't.

Thank you all, and enjoy those tiny O's. They are, I hear, the breakfast of champions.


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