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26 January 2006


Karl Elvis

Always happy to inspire a memory, even if I'm not in it.

I'm liking this image, feral girl.


Oh God you're good, CG, you can just open a window and let us climb right into your life and stand there marveling at it. This is a brilliant story. And as I looked in your mirror at that beautiful feral girl you shook up a whole boxful of my own memories and out popped a picture of me looking in a mirror at nineteen, smeared with my own blood from nose to knees, and a man behind me, the man I still belong to, laughing and saying something about how I looked like the "cannibals' candy cane," and making me laugh instead of shudder, and changing me forever. Thanks for writing this glimpse into your mirror (and triggering the other glimpse), I am just in awe.


I had an experience like that too, when I was about 20. Oral with my period and I felt very primal.
You've described a bit of what I felt and it was good.


I don't feel I can add anything to Ravenna's great comment above; I'd like to second it and add my own thanks too. I've had a couple of 'whoops! Period!' moments, and fortunately they're lovely memories. I like yours and KE's name for you: feral girl. ;) Love, O


Reading your writing is a strange and wonderful experience.


In 1977 Wendy Wasserstein shocked everyone with her first play "Uncommon Women & Others" which had Swoozie Kurtz' character dealing with menstrual blood. As a 22 year old guy, it was strange territory...

chelsea girl

Yeah, it's amazing, the emotional and libidinal power of a bit of blood we don't need...

thanks you all for being brave enough to share,

scribe called steff

That's pretty intense. Great posting. That's sort of along the lines of one of the things I was thinking about writing recently, and you've kinda cemented the desire to write about it -- the power men have over whether or not we become ashamed of our bodies' natural functions.

But even without that having been on my mind lately, I think I would have loved this posting, just because of the fierce lack of shame expressed in it. Well done.

scribe called steff

And I've been listening to the Stone Roses all morning. Good Times. :)


I decided a couple of weeks ago that I will not be with someone long-term who is uncomfortable with having sex during my period. Definitely a deal breaker.


I love your visual imagery, I feel reckless and carnal after reading that. Thanks.

I feel ill at the sight of blood -- yours, mine, menstrual or not. I'm not a hemophobe, but I have a physical reaction to it. I've (accidentally) gone down on a girl on the crest of the crimson wave, and was almost physically ill. Blood was *everywhere*. I feel bad about it, but it's pretty much a biological reaction for me. I wish there was something I could do about it, after reading your thoughts I almost feel like I'm missing out.

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