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21 December 2005



It is always my extreme pleasure to have very sexy moments mixed with lovely flavours of humour. I do believe this post ought to be well referenced in the coming holidays. Cheers!


Darling, I hereby nominate you for a Nobel Peace (of Ass) Prize for this! You really have made an enormous contribution, a long, thick and hard contribution to world peace: What man could possibly go to war after getting deep-throated Chelsea Girl style? (Or Ravenna style, I add immodestly...) Although I can imagine fights breaking out to get to the head of the line at your boudoir door, darling, better hand out those little number slips.

Your primer is so perfect it should be taught in SexEd classes in high schools across the land. (Though it really was more fun to learn it all the hard way.) You covered the basics so well, babe, but here's a tiny contribution to the peace process: For that early cocksucking and shaft-lubing phase before he goes down deep, I like to add pussy juice, big handfuls of it, scoop it out with two fingers like poi and apply liberally, it was made for lubing large things going into small holes, and brewing this lovely honey is what your pussy is made for (among other things). And tell him what you're doing down there, he'll dig this, trust me, anything that reinforces the equation MOUTH=CUNT will light your guy up like a pinball machine. (Not used to the taste of your own pussy? Girls, she's right down *there*, what are you waiting for?!) If my hands are tied, as they often are, my master likes to dip his fingers into this bottomless well of lubricity himself. Your connection of yawning practice and de-gagging the gag reflex is so precisely right on it's like zen, also your tips for semen sweetening. Strawberries, yum! And one last tip. I always swallow, it's part of my religion, but I'm totally okay with girls who won't: More cum for us, huh, babe? ;-)

ws cross

Found you from "Eros, Logos." Nifty advice, a lot of women are mystified by oral sex, yet it's now a "given" with most people (and rightfully expected by women in return).


Most excellent advice and as always, I will follow it. Though I'm not bad at it already.
And don't quit blogging.


I'm in love. Only the true godess gets off on Face-fucking


This is my favorite part:

if you don’t enjoy swallowing, perhaps you and your lover can find some signal when he’s ready to come, something, for the love of all things holy, that is not a tap on the head.


chelsea girl

Hey everyone,

I'm just glad I could do my little bit to make my world and yours a kindler, gentler place.

Do tell: has it worked for anyone yet?


(Oh, and the infinitely talented ravenna raises a delicious point: do use what your momma gave you, if your momma gave you a pussy that is. Though technically, as it is the sperm that determines the gender of a child, I guess you'd really be using what your poppa gave you...)


Damn awesome article! It ought to be required reading for every woman. My GF loves to suck and begs for me to come so she can taste my spunk. What a turn on!


actually, it's chromosomes, but I'm being pedantic


One of your tarts highly recommended your blog and I've been reading and enjoying.

This is a great piece!

Kelcey uses a lubricant in our foreplay (currently it is apricot kernel oil) and that perhaps helps her when deep throating me. In the right position it seems (to me) effortless on her part.

Kelcey says one of the most important things for her to do is to concentrate on her breathing. She was pleased to find out that all the drool wasn't unusual.

Something we've never seen or heard mentioned is farting. Sometimes when I come Kelcey gives a three fart salute. It's awesome!





I have been attempting to deepthroat my husband for many months - being a trained singer and never having thought of the "basal open tongue" just makes me embarrassed!! I've got the whole lube thing going just fine... the gag reflex has now been explained... my big thing is when I do manage to get him even partially in my throat I get panicky about BREATHING. Is there a trick to this as well? OR do you just do breath holding exercises as a sideline to the whole thing? OR do you just pump him so quickly with your throat that you time your breathing accordingly? (Not a strong suit of mine... I am a singer not a swimmer). Please do tell. I would LOVE to finally arrive. :]


chelsea girl


Breathing is a really good question, and one I hadn't brought up because, you nailed it, I am a swimmer. I raced throughout high school and I competed in synchro and one thing I know is breath control. So I never really had to consider the issue.

It sounds to me, though, like you've got an anxiety about choking on your man's dick. You can reassure yourself by knowing that you're in control. Moreover, you can train yourself by practicing holding your breath or doing breathing excercises like yoga. Even if you never use "breath of fire" in bed, you're teaching yourself control.

I tend to hold my breath when I'm deepthroating and breathe when just the tip of the cock is in my mouth. It feels pretty natural to me, actually, but then that's me. As a singer, you must have had experience with breath. Ask yourself: what does your body know?

In short, find what you know and use it to your advantage. Just as you were able to name the "basal tongue technique," you can probably find other things from singing--or yoga or whatever--that will help you.

Good luck & thanks for writing.

Janis S

Thank you for this wonderful piece of work. I am inspired. I just can't wait for an opportunity to put it all into practice with the proper tool! Having sex with pieces of fruit has been fun but they don't love you in the morning.

chelsea girl

On the other hand, fruit makes a delicious and healthful breakfast.

I'm so happy I could help so many wonderful aspiring fellators.

Go deep, my friends.



you have no idea how grateful I am to find an article like this. My husband loves it when I suck him off but I have never done well at deep throating. I can't wait to try it! I wish he'd hurry and get home! Question though. how long does it take to for food to make the spunk taste better?


Thank you so much for a simple and concise guide to deepthroating, I definitely am pleased with the results I've gotten with your guide.


I can't seem to get my boyfriend's penis into my throat...everytime I try deep throating, it feels like theres a block in the back of my throat and it won't go any futher. Everytime i've attemped to deep throat, it was him lying down. Can it be the problem with the position?


I have to say, I MEMORIZED the information in here and Holy Old Faithful and Niagra!!!! At first I was thinking that it was just simply because of the length and circumference of my partner but then the nerd in me did some research and found this page. We tried for a full DAY and before u know it, I was taking his 9 x 2 incher COMPLETELY down. I am sure the "practice" built things up even more but the end result was phenominal. Not only did HE get off but I have never been more turned on myself.

For those that are unsre if they may be doing something wrong...POSITION...POSITION...POSITION!!!! For me, I found that him lying on his back with me over him gave me more control and it was damned near like jello sliding down my throat. The only downfall for me out of the WHOLE ordeal was that there was NO taste (maybe a little when he finally pulled out) when he finally did cum. Completely missed the tastebuds.

You made me a believer and should SERIOUSLY give classes to those in need. I am a visual person so that helped me a lot but for some, they may just need you to physically be there to guide them through it. I thank you and my partner thanks you as well.


i love giving head! im pretty good at it, and my boyfriend LOVES it. he loves that i love it, that im good at it, and that i just start doing it outta the blue. (NOTE TO LADIES: start sucking him off when he is on the phone, it drives him crazy! trust me)..anyway, i can shove it in til the opening of my throat, and want to really deep throat it - so thanks bc this was really helpful. i think the thing that was stopping me was the position of my mouth and throat, but now i know what to do - he'll flip his lid
thanks a million!!!

Lady Harley Ryder

Reading this has made me so horny that I had to go deep throat my man. Thx


This information is very helpful, but my man has a tapered penis, it start's off with a big head and narrows down, how can I deepthroat starting with the widest part?


I am a sub and have a Master who wants me to learn to deep throat. I have been struggling immensely due to my gagging reflexes. He is now away for two weeks and has given me many tasks to complete, one being to research deep throating and ways I can practise alone.
Having just discovered your website, this is going to make my life a little easier and alot less sore for not completing this task before he gets back.

Thank you xx


My man directed me to your site after reading about anal-sex.(which we are yet to try!) I followed a few links and found this post. We see each other next week after eight months of forced separation and I hope I get this technique down pat before he gets here.


i agree especially with your first point, practice, practice, practice. i recommend kielbasa- good size and tastes better than dildo. second: recommend empty stomach and third eat some ice cream immediately prior. if you do puke, it tastes better and makes your spit nice and thick

gay slave

Thank You for this. So many articles or so called sex experts answer the question "How do I deepthroat" with -- "you dont have to." Like no one could possibly want or enjoy having his or her throat fucked. Thanks for an honest how-to and not some fucked up sexual-political bs.


WOW!!!!!! great advice my hubby has a huge member and after a bit with the spit idea.......down it went!!!! amazing!!!!!



slave d

THANK YOU! You have been extremely helpful in explaining this wonderful act. i am now ready to try it out on Master (with His permission, of course!) :)


So, how long does he need to consume pineapples before it effects the flavor of his jizz? A day? A week? And how much of it each day? I can do the porn spit now and getting good at deep throating but the moment I taste his cum I gag and cough. I can't stand it.

chelsea g

Alas, poor you. I'm sorry you find the come-flavor so repellent.

Ok, a lot of pineapple and eaten the same day as the swallowing. There are also various teas that supposedly help come-flavor. Changes in diet, such as going veggie or--gasp--vegan, can also help.

chelsea g.


Great tute, really like your language cos you don't talk down. 2 thumbs up! Thanks! :D

Amanda Heffelfinger

When I deepthroat my boyfriend, I use whipped cream to lube my mouth and throat. It tastes sweet, helps me to take his entire cock into my mouth and throat, and allows me to keep on deepthroating without hesitation even if I happen to puke in the process.


thank you sooo much for the tips and the info, i know now that i'm pleasing my man


Excellent!!! Great explanation and tips. Most I already knew but a couple of new things to try. I guarantee if you get good at this you will be worshipped!


I absolutely luvs to massage my lovers cockhead with my throat muscles. Look into his eyes while u do it :)


Glad I found this very well explained way of deep throating a cock.Yes I'm a man and have a desire to feel what I have had other woman feel.Now I know some of the"tricks"

Dr. M.C.M.

I don't know how I learned to give great head, but honestly, if you enjoy giving head, they enjoy it more.

And, it's a lovely ego boost to be told by a man that he has never had head like mine before.

I tend to swallow repeatedly when his dick is down my throat. The increased pressure pulls it further into me and drives the man insane.

There is some sense of power with his most precious portion in between my jaws, but I get off more on the act of submission of bending down on my knees and inviting his cock to go down my throat.

KEY ADVICE: NEVER EVER, EVER GIVE HEAD TO A MAN WHO TAKES MORE THAN 1 VITAMIN PER DAY. The WORST most HORRIFICALLY AWFUL TASTING CUM I have ever endured was from a professional cyclist who took all sorts of crazy supplements and it turned is juice into garbage water.


i've just used this primer, which i read lazily earlier today while my boyfriend was at work and was inspired to try. well, again. i've never had much luck in the past, but the descriptive bits about the tongue and "almost-a-yawn" and reading about the breathing patterns in the comments all contributed to a very successful and pleasurable night.

although i did have to smoke a bit of marijuana before i tried, because i'm always more open to sexual emprises when i'm high.

all in all it was very fun, and very hot. i got him to the point where he actually had to physically stop me from deep throating him because he wanted to fuck me so bad! and i didn't want to stop because it was turning ME on so much! it was wonderful.

ted long

I love giving deep throat as I am gay and suck lots of guys.
Tell you the truth there arn't that many guys with a long enough dick to deep throat
Now there have been a couple to thick for me to take all the way down.
Wish some one would help me out with taking those real thick dicks deep.


You truly are a gift to mankind. My girl has been trying this technique and the practice sessions are phenomenal. Thank you ChelseaGirl


WOW! It works! Hubby and I found your deep-throat instructions a few months ago. I always thought I would NEVER be able to do this because I have such a sensitive gag reflex. Well, after working on the basal tongue technique and learning how to work up that great "porn-star" spit, followed by several practice sessions, I finally able to deep throat like a pro!! It drives my hubby WILD! Needless to say, he is a proud and happy man! Thank you SO much from both of us!


Thanks so much for encouraging women to learn this awesome skill. While my cock is by no means huge, only 2 or 3 women have ever been able to swallow it right down to the root - truly, it's amazing to see and feel oneself disappear inside your lover's mouth.
I'm wondering if you have any advice as to how I could get my girlfriend to read this piece without seeming crude, pushy or controlling.



Loved your article tho I have yet to find something to address my challenge. I have deep throated twice, didn't read anything before just hung my head over the bed, started slow and each time I got better. Love it when it is under way, along with my man, but the next day my throat starts hurting, then more the next day. Feels like I have razors in my throat. First time it went away on it's own, second time it turned into a respiratory infection. I'm assuming all of that stuff is tied together. Nose started running, tore up my throat, messed with my sinuses and now I'm scared to death to do it again. My man even says no more, because he sees how miserable I am after. What am I doing wrong?? Please help a fellow deep throat lover.

Spec Ops

I had the best blowjob of my life tonight. From a woman who readily admitted she:

1. Didn't like giving blowjobs, and,
2. Loved giving them because she was so damned good at it.

She didn't deep throat me. I didn't pick up on this until I was driving home. I my car, that is. All I knew was that this woman could give head. She worked her tongue around the head of my penis, then up and down the sensitive underside.

I wish I could better explain what she was doing, but it was a completely unique and creative experience. And I was totally distracted, and not doing a whole lot of scientific study at this point.

I have been with many, many deep throaters, as well as some who tried and couldn't quite get it done. But Bonnie used technique over depth.

My advice if you can't deep throat is to talk, kind of hard to do with your mouth full. Bonnie was pretty candid about how she learned to do that thing she did. She asked her partners what felt good. And that's what she did.

She asked me what I wanted. I suggested my balls weren't getting the attention they demanded. Her response was "dom't worry, they're on the list."

Deep throating is great. But I hope your readers don't see it as a requirement. It's not.


Awesome blog! I have always enjoyed giving head but had trouble getting it down my throat.This is great advice,can't wait to try it out.


Terrific work. Funny, true, encouraging. thank you!


Loved your instruction. I am by no means a amateur when it comes to deep-throating. In fact i have managed to swallow a 10 inch dick with no problem and he fucked my face for like a half hour solid.

The problem I have now is that my lover's beautiful cock sits at my soft palate there is no going past it with him. But his cock is perfectly straight and I keep throwing up when he is at my gag reflex.

This is driving my crazy as sucking cock gets me unbelievably wet but I have been holding back on giving him oral because I am incredibly embarrassed that I keep vomiting.

What should I do? I know how to deep-throat and I love him and his beautiful dick.

Rhonda Russell

Aww the secret, the spit! My husband has a very large cock and I have only been able to deep throat him about half way. Now I am anxious to try the split lubrication method. Thank you for the instruction! Not only is this great for him, but I also get very turned on by it.


BlowjobHow's AlleP

Hey Chelsea Girl, great article! Great tips for learning how to deepthroat but it's good to see you put #7 in there for those (guys and girls) who get too hung up on it.
It's a great technique and a lot of fun but it isn't the only trick one should keep in one's bag and as Spec Ops points out from his experience, sometimes the best blowjob doesn't even make use of deepthroat. (Don't understand his contradictory points 1 and 2 but anyway...)
Thanks again Chealsea!


Great deep throat suggestions. I have tried them all and feel like I am deep throating better than ever. Thanks for the suggestions Chealsea.

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