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19 December 2005


Lex Konrad

Yeah but the real question is, how can you find someone who's into butt-painting? ;)


i have a question on this subject. what's a guy to do and think about a girl who professes to be great at giving blow jobs, and loves giving them...but never does? just wondering...


I know I've always had older women fantasies - since, oh, fourteen. Of course, that was likely due to the fact that the only women I came into contact with who had any clue as to those things I was interested in, were all way out of my age group at the time...

Phillip - my suggestion would be to call them on it. A lot of women I know take great pride in their cocksucking skills. Make it a challenge for them and they'll be on their knees in no time.


In my experience, women who wear tropical-colored lipstick like giving head and give it well. By "tropical-colored" I mean your hot reds and pinks.

Goth girls who wear black lipstick do not give head with any degree of enthusiasm, nor do women who wear conventional church-on-Sunday red lipstick.

Moreover, you can often tell a woman who likes giving head by watching how she applies lipstick. The ones who unsheath the mini-member and hold it before their eyes with slowburning appreciation before the applique are headgivers. Occassionally you spy a woman whose lipstick is actually shaped like a cockhead, and then you know you're onto something.

chelsea girl

Lex, I guess you're the expert on that arcane tidbit of knowledge.

Philip, I'd definitely take D'j's advice. Though I must say that my rare lacklust fellatio arose from feeling resentment toward the man to whom the cock was attached, so you might look to the relationship for the spontaneous lack of head, especially if you've gotten it from the winsome lass preciously.

And Rup (not to be confused with the incredible austral Rups), I wouldn't be caught dead in lipstick. For me, it's lipgloss all the way, baby. It's shiny and slick and slightly sticky.

Sound like anything you know?



"Somehow, deep-throating eighteen-year cock has been on my mind quite a bit lately. It’s nice to know that I share this interest with my readers who indeed possess said eighteen year-old cocks. It makes me feel, you know, in touch with the kids."

Born two years too late it seems! :)


Tyler - you can also make a deepthroater even out of the straightest woman. I am having a relationship with a early-30ish married woman that basically never gave head before. Over several months I gradually got her into porn (and there's a lot of 'hang your head over the bed and slide it in' deepthroating going on there). See if you find an older woman who's open minded towards porn, then slip some deepthroating vids together. Jayna Oso or Lucy Lee are great talents.

Let your jaw drop and gasp in front of her when the phallus is engulfed on film, and she'll know what it takes to really trip your switch. Either she'll start practicing on her own and try it on you, or you can look for another. If she tries she'll gag a lot so don't force it in - let her lead. Soon be able to take it all the way to the your kiwis, and at that point you can get into pumping like it was intercourse. (Getting chills just thinkin of her)

And there is absolutely NOTHING in the world that feels better than when your tip pushes past the mouth into the sacred canal.. ahhh. Gotta make a phone call!


I agree with c.g. communication is the key. My girl is quite a bit older than I am, and yes I get my way with most things that I want. I simply am patient and don't push until it is time. Blow jobs are nice, but so is getting laid, take it slow and be nice. Also, from my experiance gay guys like to give "nice" straight guys B.J.'s. Tyler if your curious then maybe that is something to try. Remember be nice!



thank you so much you really helped i've been trying so hard to force it down that i never concentrate. your advice was perfect for me and my boyfriend thanks again


I'm in a nearly identical position to Tyler (three or so years ago, that is) and appreciate your thoughts on it. It's a bit difficult for me to propose anything such as oral sex with someone so much older, let alone meet someone who qualifies for the job. I suppose craigslist will have to do for now.

I've never posted before, but I'm an avid reader of your's who finds your posts absolutely fascinating.

Best wishes on being published and finding the right career,


God - I LOVE this blog! Just found it today. Wonderful writing style and the info is spot-on.

I AM one of those mythical deep-throating chicks. I guarantee that no one could tell without help on my part. I look conservative, don't wear tacky bright lipstick or nail polish, dress well, and seem like the nice lady next door. Lady in the streets, freak in the sheets as the saying goes. So don't waste time trying to figure out the "type" because it's just not possible. I love blowing a guy's mind the first time I pull him all the way into my throat and pop him in and out. God... makes me wet just to think about it.


hmmm . . . I've had my toes sucked and it does feel similar to having my cock sucked - if you were to conflate (is that the word?) the sensation of your toes being sucked with that of your clit being tongued, you might approximate the sensation that you and your blessed sisters provide us through fellatio, although, not posessing a clit, I can't say for sure.
Beyond that I just want to say what a pleasure it is to read such articulate and sexy stuff from a woman - I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog. Thanks!


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