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21 December 2005



I seem to remember you quoting this once...

"It seems that the life of a good female authored sex blog is about 6 months; then the author seems to run out of material, interest, or libido. I think its because women don't have the same level of interest in sex as a man. Women use sex to get something they want; status, material wealth, stability. I suppose there are others, but you get the idea. Men just want sex for sex's sake. So naturally, as a woman's wants or needs change, her interest in sex wanes.

Almost all of the sex blogs that I read regularly, have broken down into some sort of daily bitch blog, or have just shut down. Women are the most fickle.

--Fool’s Eye Blog"
end quote

Are you really done now? If you are, and it is totally your decision, then I will miss your great writing.


I would miss it too.


It really depends on why you started blogging. If the reason you started has been fulfilled, then it's hard to continue. It's a success.

People blog for their own reasons. Everyone has things that excite them, and everyone has something they have share passion. Although I wouldn't read a blog that is devoted to Pez containers, for some, that's their thing.

There is nothing written that says that "something" can't change. The question becomes, do you really want to continue? I hope so. But, I will wish you well if you decide the answer is no. I like your writing. I hope you continue.

John E Thelin

Because you enrich people's lives.

I know from experience that's sometimes not enough to keep a blog going. But if there's something concrete we can do in this world, it's ease the lives of some of our co-Earthers, even if it's just a few of them, and just for a while.

I suspect you do more than that. Daily.

But if you feel the need to quit, I know exactly how that feels and respect it, although I will miss reading your great writing.

I hope to read you again in 2006.


I need to hear voices like yours to tell me I'm not alone..and your blog is great, so please keep going!


Because I'm only just now getting to know you and I really like you.

Because there are always more haiku to sexual dysfunction to write.

Because there is an unending supply of noxious stuff out that at which to poke fun.

There...three reasons. Whaddaya say to that, huh?


Cause you were one of my first blogs that I really liked.


You are my favorite blogger, dear CG. I'm absolutely, completely, wholeheartedly engrossed by your writing. And I would miss you.

I guess it depends on your reasons for stopping. I've certainly done it before. But if you resurrect a blog elsewhere, elsewhen, you must keep me apprised! I've even included my email address in this comment :-)


Because I would miss you as much as I would miss my morning coffee. A bit selfish? Yes. I feel you will make the right decision for you. And so be it.


It gets me through my long as days at the office!!!! Great bloggers are few and far between! Please don't quit.


Because we love you, obviously.


Besides the fact that you got a great bod; besides the fact that you are a steaming writer. Doesn't it pay your rent? That to me is a good reason to entertain everyone.


p.s. are you going to be in washington anytime soon?

Digger Jones

If I didn't know better, I would say this was a comment-whoring stunt. Not that there's anything wrong with that!LOL!

Since my blogroll is the fabled bug zapper of blogs, it is only fitting that you depart only recently after I've added you.

Blogging is such a bother, with all of the snarky comments, the fickle mob of an audience and constantly being ridiculed and critiqued.

And what if someone in real life discovered your pretty bumb things? Would you be embarrassed to talk to them? WOuld it jeapardize your future career?

Plus, there's putting up with the stupid HTML and software..such a bother!

You know, maybe *I* should quit blogging too! It hardly seems worth the trouble, now that it comes down to it. Yes, you have opened my eyes, yet again!

Eh, wot?

Oh...you wanted reasons why you should NOT quit blogging!? Oh, my.

Well...um...erm...can I get back to you on that?


Digger Jones

Because you live for the adoration and admiring comments from cretins and twisted vulgarians like myself.

You need us, CG. You love us because we love you. And we tell you so. Maybe not often enough, but we do. We, the audience, provide nourishment to an ego desperately hungering for the adulation of the mob.

You have a story to tell. We want to read it. You give us what we want because we give you what you need.



1. You inspire me.
2. You've helped me become a better lover.
3. You've made me dig down deep into my soul for answers that I thought I'd never find.
4. I'd miss you.
5. I'd miss you a lot.

Dirty Girl

Because I have grown into a better lover as a direct result of your writing...how fabulous is that? You are improving the sex life's of many!!!

Because I don't have a whole lot of girlfriends, I wish I fit in with the mean girls at work a little better, and identifying with you helps. Sounds sadder then it is.

Mikko Moilanen

So, you did got some evil email from some jerks after your previous post?

I have been thinking that I should link to you on my blog, but there is one problem: I don't wanna that my mother will see how sexy blogs I read. If you quit, I don't have to anyore perceive and observe myself. That would be not good. And as a matter of fact, I like you. I enjoy to think about you, your life, and social security and aducational policy in America. There is some sad elements, and I like to torture myself with those. It helps me to keep my my moral high on social security issues.

Mikko Moilanen

(Sorry for the typos, it has hard to write with a pipe in your hand if you are an inexperienced pipe smoker. Sorry for the poor grammar too. Mine native language is Finnish and I haven't bothered to learn to write English.


CG, what's this I read about you not wanting to blog?! Snap outta it kid! You're the best! You've got moxie and lots of it!

Chels, please don't stop. This is one of the only blogs I have to visit daily or else my day will not be complete! How else would the dirty thoughts in my head be upgraded to a higher level of mind (and other organ) blowing heights?

You're a terrific writer and an equally-if-not-greater-person. It'd be a sad day where there are no pretty dumb things.

If someones giving you trouble, i'll rough 'em up. Anything for you m'dear


Please don't stop, you are unique, you are the very best, and we care about you. We need you, and we very selfishly don't want to lose you. I'm on your side no matter what you decide, but please don't go...


Because, darling CG, we don't need less good writing.


Because you're really good at it.


To preserve us against the inanity of the Someone's. It is so *easy* for the voice of one or two to turn the choir into something painful.

You do not argue with the Someone's. Their thinking is contrived for one purpose only, and it isn't for their own edification.

You write because if you are going to leave us, it is on your terms.


Make people happy
Make people read
Make people question about themselves

Express yourself
Give and get back




1. As has been stated before, because you are loved. Actually, I suspect adored is really the more appropriate term. Anyway, you have fans.

2. you are contributing to people's comfort with their own sexuality

3. you are improving the sex lives of many by encouraging and enabling them to talk with their lovers and try something a little different, a little adventurous

4. it is the rare writer who introduces me to an unfamiliar word in English, and does it without including it in a list such as, "really cool words I found in my dictionary the last time I got stoned" or "new words for word-nerds"

5. I can actually read descriptions of heterosexual sex acts as written by you and not find the described acts completely repulsive - mostly, anyway

6. you are teaching Americans and Finns that a woman can be both strong and submissive, and that is invaluable

7. you are helping to reinforce that the sexiest women are those who are shaped like women - with, you know, curves - rather than like young boys

8. Because selfish readers such as myself would miss you

9. blogging is an avenue for venting and for expressing thoughts that may be difficult to express in other outlets

10. without you, the collective IQ and value of the blogosphere would both drop noticeably


Baby please don't go
Baby please don't go
Baby please don't go
You know we love you so
Baby please don't go.

What Mon said. Because we don't need less good writing.


Hi CG,

Because you keep me honest and call me on my bullshit. Because you set a good example and remind me what bloggers are supposed to do. Because you're a teacher and so many of us are students. Because you're a professor and so many of us are at best sophomores. Because you teach by example, urging us to learn from your successes and graciously -- at sometimes great emotional cost to you -- allowing us to learn from your mistakes. Because you excite us and inspire us to try new things. Because you'd still write somewhere if you stopped writing here. Because you're a real adult and you have *real* adult sex...

Because of all those things you've got the cred to do whatever you need to do and, of course, you've always had the right to do what you most want.

I can wish you would keep blogging, and I can hope you will, and I profoundly appreciate what you've done so far, but as you New Yorkers say, that and a dollar won't even buy a cup of coffee and a newspaper. I, for one, for once, am at your mercy -- a position I'm sure neither of us prefers in romance but which is perfectly acceptable in continuing education.

I'll never slip money in your garter, CG, but I can at least pay the balance of my tuition.

Take care, CG.


Lex Konrad

No fair! We just started the NYC sex-blog mafia. Wouldn't be the same without you.


I would miss you. And then I'd miss you s'more.


Ohhhhh.. I'm so sorry I'm late!!

Chelsea Darling, please don't go.

You've taught me so much, and so many others as well.


Well thanks to all these wonderful people for encouraging you to go on: Fig, Monmouth. All these cool folks. I'm glad you didn't quit CG. :-)

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