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08 December 2005



This is definitely my favourite Christmas story EVER, starting now.

I want to read it to my unfertilised eggs for every night of the 12 days of christmas while telling them that it's the Holiday Season and filling out their ACLU memberships.
As every woman does every holiday season, I'm sure.

But surely there are other good Christmas songs? Ok, so I never made out with anyone in the back of a police car to it, but Father Christmas by the Kinks is a good christmas song.

I loved this. It's beautiful.
as ever, O


Oh so nice, I'll have to read it twice. Thanks for sharing it CG. You have good memories for sharing and I always feel really satisfied after reading you.


Oh...it reminds me of making out with my boyfriend in his parents car outside of their Wednesday night church group. We were both fifteen, and it was so hot and steamy in that minivan it was crazy. Looking through the windows of the church at all the Christmas shittery hanging everywhere, it did indeed seem like a holly jolly Christmas, and the best time of the year.

That was a gorgeous and wonderful story, and I love you.

Yes. Love.

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