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28 November 2005



cool and I like your blog

Balthazar B

Hot, so hot, so wet.


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I am like so happy for you! Does he have a friend?

Meet me at the place near the thing where we went that time, okay, and we'll hang!

Red Vines

Wow. That was scary. I had no idea ejaculation was connected to ...that, that, whatever that was :] Like, OMG.


Oh, duuude, that like causes brain damage. Let me check. BONK BONK BONK. Nope didn't feel a thing man.


cootchie cootchie coo. Good work donny.


OMG!!! and colorific too!

Edgy Mama

You never cease to amaze me. Did you just fucking channel a fifteen-year-old girl? With the hormones of a 43-year-old? Amazing, you are.


That is just so squirtirific. Congrats!

lil red riding hood

it's good to have you back to your cool,sexy self. you never disappoint me with your writing

Demon Queen

Oh my god! Like you so totally did NOT squirt? I was like Oh my god she did not squirt! But oh my god, you so totally did squirt! I am freaking out! I was trying so hard to squirt and all I did was pee myself. It was so grody I almost chuked my lunch. Fer sure! Gah!

It's totally bitchin to be slutttttty!
I'm sluttttty too!
Sluttttttts rock!

This post was totally tubular dude!

It's been a shit day with shit weather and this was just the kind of thing I needed to make me laugh.

Love ya CG!
You so totally rock!


Yew arrr so totally bitchin! Oh. My. God. Like I got so hott just reading that? LIke I totally wish I could have been a fly on the wall.


CG that is indeed one hell of a damn hot post lady :)

You are such a fucking good slut ;)



I'd say I'm speechless, but we both know that's pretty much impossible...

I think my eyes are bleeding a little... ;)

Pussy Talk

u totally ROCKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!


DTG xxoo

brazen billy

too fucking cool.

loved the style of this, great post.


I bet mom would be very proud. Call her right now, give all the details, and do it in precisely the tone that the style of your post implies.

Go on! Try it. :)

Used Hack

That is the coolest fucking thing I've read in months. Wow!

Congrats, Chelsea Girl.

I'm totally printing this out for my wife. :)


That's awesome! U rock!

(Doesn't it feel great?)


Welcome to the club CG. It's like, the best club EVER!!!!!




You really ARE my fuck salad now. You squirter, you.

chelsea girl

thanks you all!!!!

you're right!!! i so totally rockkkkkk!!!!

& so do all of YOUOOOOOOOOOOOOUUU!!!!!

chelsea girl


Welcome to the squirting club!!

I haven't been able to do it durring sex but now I can't help it when I'm getting oral! I'm starting to have to lay down a towel before things get too hot and messy!

(psst psssstt did you read about female ejaculation here? -> http://shayssexcolumn.blogspot.com/2004/10/female-ejaculation.html )


You made me giggle and laugh and like, that is so cool! OMG we should be super best friends, I'll meet you at the mall and we can be sssssssslutsssssss together! Yay!


By the Way:

I've squirted once. I thought it was pee. And then, I realized how special THAT was. So now I try to do it again, and it doesn't fucking work.

Have to keep trying.

Suburban Dude

I chronicled my experience with a squirter in my blog.

It was so fucking amazing.


It's just pee.

Karl Elvis

"It's just pee"

Because, you know, Bacchus told us not to say that. B^)

Quirky Photos

Welcome to the club, darlin'!


So you peed? What is this squirting? I recall female ejaculation from video. But, refered to as squirting, i saw it different; it looks like peeing.




Wow, you are so pretty, and so very, very hot!


Totally cool. like this would have been like a totally cool blog if it hadn't been for the "like" trashy english. Like you sooo should have went to a totally public school with the like poor kids instead of like going to a soo totally private school. The like public school teachers are like totally better than the ones at like the private schools. They like want to teach the totally poor kids & like they get paid soo much more. Just my like 2 cents.


Congratulations, chelsea girl, on proving yourself a kinky pain slut. Oh, and yeah, the squirtee thing is neato too.

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