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03 October 2005



It's pretty incredible that people like this actually exist and haven't yet been murdered by a jilted lover...

Seriously, though, it really makes you think about what humans are capable of. "More sin than a devil, more grace than an angel." (paraphrased)


Wow. Can we say narcissism? But I hope this story doesn't make you sad. You, my dear, have won. You are the one capable of having a loving, real relationship.

Edgy Mama

Yeah, X. You are right on...narcissistic personality disorder.

I don't recognize the initials, but I've been through the same wringer, with a poorer, but otherwise, almost identical loser.


Hello, Chelsea Girl, I have to say this is an extraordinary moment to enter into your bloglife. (I saw you on O's Eros, Logos, a blogger I much admire.)

Your account of WMB is a surreal story, and his bizarre combination of generosity on the come and penny-pinching on the downside is almost funny. How many out-and-out cads want to tear up the impression they go to such lengths to create? Not calling next morning, sure -- thoughtlessness is epidemic. But to suddenly zero out the transport budget or the plane tix. The fucking you get for the fucking you give, as it were. Whew!

There is a startling literary precedent, however -- Terry Southern's equally egregious asshole Guy Grand in "The Magic Christian." You don't give WMB's age, but the book came out in the 60's, so a freaky young idiot could have formulated a life's plan after bumping into "Christian." He missed the moral of the story, moreover.

Life imitating art...

Hugs, Justine


Wow! What a creep! Too bad he didn't let you know in advance - that way you could have just enjoyed to luxury without the heartbreak.


Jesus H Christ. You know Id like to kill this man, dont you? --

I think i won't say any more, but you know what im saying, when I thank you for writing this.
The bloodsuckers are out there.
xxx your O


How dare that low-life, sonofabitch, motherfucker do that to my beloved fuck salad.

Have you seen the CSI where the fat girl suffocates that bad man with her flesh? I would totally do that to the slime weasel.

Vampires. Yes, they're everywhere.

chelsea girl

Thank you, you exquisite bitches, for having my back.

And thank you too, S.C. Even though you are not a bitch.


Hey, I can be a bitch too. ;) I'm all about embracing my feminine side...


no need to wish death on us. that would be to easy. our just desserts come to us eventually and always before we expect it.

the means will justify the end. [or some addage of sort.]


quite a story there, chelsea. before everyone goes off the deep end, let us not forget one thing - women can play the vampyre as well. to "vamp" is to use womanly charms to seduce and suck. perhaps you've vamped a little yourself?

chelsea girl


I am going to take exception here. Have I seduced a man? Yes. Have I seduced a woman? Yes. Have I sucked? Absolutely.

But I have never, ever done to anyone what this man did to me and to others.

Nor would nor could I, as I am not a sociopath.

This man is a soul-sucking vampire. Undoubtedly. Where there should be his moral core is a sucking sound.

I, unlike WMB, have a heart, a moral compass and an understanding that my right to play games ends where another human's pain begins.


Found; the cousin/best bud to WMB, perhaps a slightly grown up version. [See Link to Sig. Fuller]. But there's plenty of them out there of both sexes. It just depends on how serious they are no the vampire end. Cheers, 'VJ'

Sigmund Fuller

Hey, I resemble that remark. Hey, at least I'm introspective about it.

But seriously, I sympathize with your experience, and, yes, I do understand the temptation that pulls WMB into his behavior. Wealth does strange things to the soul. Couple it with some fundamental desires (WMB: "I want to be loved"), some big insecurities (WMB: "can somebody love me?"), and false social expectations (women: "a man who spends money on me must like me") and you have wealth becoming a tool for manipulation, and then a balm for the tortured soul.

Vampire is a good term.

I have (recently) been mindful of this kind of effect. I went from being so unpopular to so very popular, in part due to this wealth thing (although I'd like to believe not entirely due to it.) And I find the wealthy treatment clouds my intentions and distorts the relationship in a manner than can be hurtful. But I draw the line on using the word "love" as a weapon, especially a weapon of revenge. I have better things to do with my time than hurt people like that.


I met a 'Lord' from Dorset Christchurch in England from a very famous artist, who knew him for 20 years. Beautiful, sexy, tall and exciting. He decided he was in "love with me" I let him move into my Hamptons house for the summer. He gave me a nice ring, he asked me to be his wife. Found out he was married to a baronness in Italy, drank way too much. Hid empty Bombay bottles all over my house. Told me great stories of his supposed life. My very rich and famous married girlfriend would come to visit, he was secretly trying to get her because he actually had NO MONEY. Met another very visable fashion designer at a benefit. Found her # in his pocket and called her. He was trying to romance her all the while this vampire-sociapath was telling me of his love over and over again while saucing out the Hamptons for his next richer victim. This other man sounds like a sociapath and their traits are #1 charm #2 charisma and most analysts call them the anti-christs. Don't feel bad, we all run into them and they have amazing little devilish powers, all for their own egos. That's all. They have no morals and lying is their usual. They feel no remorse and it's normal for them. Sociapaths.


My impression - this story says more about you than it does about him.


You just don't get it, do you, Juney?

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