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25 October 2005



What great imagary to go to bed to!

Now a lesser man would crack a joke about his own smartballs, but I am not he!


I wish I had a vagina! No really, I do. I am very lonely.


Fantastic post CG ..... lets have more of that ;-)


Two things.

First you so don't look 40+ from your photo.

Second, we're not so big on toys, though we do use them from time to time. Apparently I'm Suzanne's favourite toy! Anyway, Suze is persevering with the smart balls. We'll get back to you ...


Such a lovely post. I feel similarly as I age, I'm nearly 37. Better sex, better understanding of my body, better relationship with me.
Our pussies can teach us all kinds of things.
I'll look into getting some of those.

Edgy Mama

Chels, I found your comments about the ch-ch-changes you've undergone sexually in your 40s to be fascinating. At 41, I've recently experienced sexual intensity and pleasure on a whole new level. You, in your quirky way, coalesce clearly a great deal of what I've been experiencing. Yes, let the 20 somethings keep their springy skin. I'm all for lavish sensation, mental fucking, and the comfort level that comes with 24 years of learning about my body and its responses--as it changes.


I just turned 39 and I have to admit that 40 is a bit scary..... You have given me something to think about.
Tits -n- Toast


I agree with Alex, you don't look at all near 40. If I worked at a carnival and you walked by, not only would I take a quick look over, I'd guess that you'd be 32, 35 at the oldest.

Then you'd walk away with framed picture of 2-pac


Chelsea Girl, you're onto something here. you got me thinking and, having just celebrated my 40th birthday a month ago, i find myself nearing the fuck fulcrum on the sex see-saw, with the opposite ends being the mind and the body, as you so mentioned.

in younger days, the body was the weighted end of the ride. lights on, lights off, rabbit-like or just rabid, the body ruled.

today, in a near balance, the mind bears down. fuck my mind - yes. up until now, the body's been getting all the action. and as you say, i want the matrix-like selection of endless choice to at least be presented to me. i may not choose it, but i want options. i want options in my lover. i want my lover to see the options in me.

but i'm guessing the mind will come more and more into play as the pecker plasticity, and the rest, gives way.

in the end, it will be brain over balls, though i'm not giving my pair up just yet. sounds like neither are you.


Pussy Talk

Grrls, if you think forty is an eye-opener when it comes to sexual, um, proclivities, wait till you hit fifty. Holy shit. And all without one milligram of hormone treatment too. Who knew.

Suffice it to say that it's high time for us older women (and by older, I don't mean 35, you babies, I mean 45 and up) to throw out all the old myths and stereotypes and rewrite---reclaim the right to write---the book on older women.

DTG xxoo

Pussy Talk

Btw, all these comments about you not looking forty---what the fuck? What the hell is forty supposed to "look like"??

People, you've been horribly brainwashed. Get it through your poor media-warped minds: this is what forty looks like.

Forty looks fantastic.

And oh look, here's a surprise: fifty looks pretty damn fucking hot too.

DTG xxoo


Well, I think looking forty has to do with mindset. some people when they turn 40 sulk, like it's the start of a death sentence (but isn't that what life is anyway?). So ones outlook on age has alot to do with their appearance.

'tis what I think anyway


This a wonderfully reflective post CG, and has made me start thinking about what changes I might experience.

"I saw tapestries. I saw baroque fabrics. I saw densely, intensely colored flowers with individual petals daubed with dew like some kind of realist oil painting. I had long and loving laserlight shows play on the insides of my eyelids as my lovers kissed, sucked, suckled and licked my cunt until I came in some kind of incendiary visual haze". -- Is a fantastic description of your feelings, makes me wonder what is going on in the minds of others during orgasm, I'm going to start asking!



Happy birthday haiku:

Mary was easy.
Had Father and Holy Ghost,
The Queen of threesomes


They say you wont get any older when the angles want to wear your red shoes.



My pussy teaches me all kinds of interesting things, and now yours has, too.
Smart balls. The name itself amuses me, some kind of oxymoron.


I have a pair of Ben Wah balls and regular use does make me a bit more sensitive, makes me come more easily. And I like walking around with them, feeling them reminds me of delicious sex with my lover. Howewer, mine are noisy! I wore them to work once and I'll never do that again. Are the smartballs really silent? If so I might order a pair.

chelsea girl


Yes, they are totally quiet. And I'm very fond of them.

chelsea girl


woaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !

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