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20 October 2005



That story rocked. Girl, you are awesome.


Danielle is right!

CG, I read your stuff and I smile as I'm reading it, giving out little silent cheers in my head.

Nick, the wrangling clown. I wonder where he is today?

It makes me want to reminisce about being 26 (in NYC)riding my Vespa up and down the avenues, happy, freeand fearless, with musky, slutty, abandon.

It also wipes out some very nasty blogs I just visited. Nasty as in meanspirited, not, good nasty. My resolution--avoid the smug in Blogland. So much good to focus upon, eh?

Edgy Mama

Love the Body Heat reference, girl.

Beautifully written.


Nothing like a little slapstickle aye?


If anything might have made me less afraid of clowns it would be this. But I still hate them. Isn't it odd? I think it all goes back to when I was 5 and went to the circus, and a clown killed my dad.

(Ok, I stole that line from SNL)



A man who hides his face and tries to amuse people with his jokey and vaguely erotic antics? I can't imagine the appeal of such a thing...


God forbid that I urge you to be unfaithful to your present Main Squeeze. And should you start making up the rules as you go along, there is one rule that has to remain: play with a condom. A condom suppresses the evidence I wish you had the opportunity to collect more of.

That said, it is too bad that this groupie-event was your only encounter with an intact penis. I wish more women of your boldness and inclinations would blog about their discovery of, and delight in, the Cowled Trouser Snake.

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