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01 October 2005



oh boy, the tingle beneath my belt is great!

you hot little erection fairy



It is when you want something and find the journey there is more pleasurable and finely exciting than you ever expected.

I dig clitfucking.


Avast ye matey...Arrrgh. The clitfucking, oh yes, god yes, yes. I'll walk your plank anytime. Arrrh...

Your landlubber, Seaman Staines


First of all, clitfucking? I love that term. Your method is lovely (as are almost all its variations) but I'd never had non-clunky word for it. For lack of a better term I always called it wet humping ('cause it's similar to dry humping only with no clothes and lots of natural or other kind of lubrication.)

Also I just *love* that gray zone you're talking about, the kind of brinksmanship (what in retrospect I might have called "virginity roulette") where you're almost daring yourself and each other to go all the way but there's a strong controlling element such as, well, virginity or not *quite* being willing to take the next step, worrying about a squeaky bed, or that kind of affable, mutual domination thing where you're testing each other to see who'll crack first.

Thanks, CG. That's an inspiring post.


Satin Kitty

Desire is a odd playmate. It makes us rush through the long-forgotten middle steps that seemed the hugest cliff in our first adventures into play, yet desire also makes us want to hold off that final release, to sit on a stair half-way up and see how long we can stand still and resist the urge to run up the remaining flight. I love revisiting those old steps, kissing softly resisting the urge to tease with tongues, to run hands over nearly every part but not touching what we desire most, to slide a hard cock between wet lips and clit but not yet enter...sweet pure desire urging us onwards but holding us there...waiting till the need to cum consumes us fully in heated passion...

Wonderful topic and post.


You make it sound so wonderful... I remember getting blue balls because she was afraid of pregnancy (back when we were teens) and this was about as close to intercourse we would get...

Michael Blowhard

Heavens, you've got me feeling like a teenager all over again. The good side of feeling-like-a-teenager, I mean.

I always wondered if an aroused pussy feels "puffy" to its owner. Thanks for enlightening.

Suggested topic for a further CG posting? (Unless you've done the topic already and I missed it somehow?) The joys of almost-coming. The way that hanging out at the end of the diving board is sometimes even more delicious than plunging in, etc etc.

Looking forward to ever more.

Edgy Mama

O, yes.

Scott Hamm

Damn, this brought me all way back in the old days! I remembered when I feel that hot, slippery and wet vulva hugging the bottom of my cock while my girl held the top of my cock with wet hand my balls touching her hole, stroking up and down with intense curiosity imaging what it WILL feel like when my cock enters that sweet puss. I was driven, totally driven imploring as I wanted to enter, feeling the hot and mushy muscle as I entered my cock head in, partially merged, wanting to push all way in, she resisted, held my cock backward, lifted it and held down in between sweet valle, stroking up and down to the supreme bliss. I clinched her legs, feeling her clitoris protruding against bottom of my cock, against my tube, feeling her wet hole on my balls sticking, then un-sticking, slowly as she enjoy her own world, I just had to slowly roll up my eyes and close, stroking further up and down, encircling my cock down, cock head slipping in and back out, going through the flesh vulva, wetily up to the sweet clit, stroking that clit slowly and teasingly. Damn, it made me wanting to explore more into the unknown, with flesh anger. While she entered her come, she pressed my cock further down, encircling more with more lubricant, stroking down and up my cock in the opposite direction, looking at her cum down and hard, I clenched on her legs more hard and squirted all over her body with hot sweet milk, breathing hard and wanting to scream my lungs out while I continue to ejaculate slowly and heavily, with my balls totally retracted, I stroked up further with my balls in her vulva, then on top of her clitoris, feeling the rough texture on my sac, she continue to dive into the wonderful world of orgasm. Damn, I miss this feeling!! Gotta recreate this with a sweet wife of mine!

Thanks so much for this article, brought back good memories of what it was like before we fucked for the very first time.

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